Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse is Here!

Taking an Eclipse most awaited break! tomorrow by the time I get from work and get geared for Eclipse viewing, I would probably miss the chance to blog as usual, so what's better than leaving you with a taste of what awaits us, I haven't seen those hope you haven't too:)


jaygeeem said...

No I haven't seen those- but I guess the tent scene rocks and these are definitely from around that time.

These are absolutely awesome. I love. Thanks. I can hardly wait to hear from you after you've been to the premiere in Dubai. I can hardly wait for that report, Apotamkin.

I am going to be seeing the movie in the next few days. I don't know exactly when-- it will be spontaneous, I am sure. But I will let you know right afterwards.


Apotamkin said...

JAN! THE MOVIE IS SUPERB!! My God it is just perfect!! i totally loved it! i came back an hour ago and i m still stunned and can't wipe the stupid smile from my face lol! no i will have to wait till next week for my second viewing! i'm so grateful for whoever made it possible for early viewing. the cinema was full and u could literaly drop a needle and hear it except for the involuntary sqeals no one wanted to miss a thing it was just awesome! i'm not going into details until you see it or let's say i'm still in a state of trans to talk lol!

woobie_71 said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Unfortunately I wasn't as lucky when it comes to hearing well in the theater. The fans here were insane the first day. Not only had we stood in line to even get in with the prebought tickets for 2 hours, but they stampeded us into the wrong theater and we had to fight for a seat twice. The volume was too low and the screams unorganized (lol) and all troughout the movie. But just as Apotamkin, I was also and still am in some sort of trance. The movie was fantastic and over WAY too quick. I can hardly wait to go with my husband again. The whole time watching I had a feeing in my gut as if expecting to be kissed for the first time... I know I'm nuts lol. Jan I can't wait for you to see it. You'll be ecstatic!

Sorry I haven't been on much, mom is here now and time is limited but I at least have to get my apotamkin fill every day. And these pics are just wonderful!

Apotamkin said...

lol woobie thanx for fixing my spelling i can't put a word right since yesterday :) because that was a single night show everything went perfect!
I want to tell you Jan that even the wig looked great! no hair flying in the air but still the lenses looked awesome and were probably retouched by CGI because they were shinning like glass:) the bedroom scene and the tent scene are my favorite! David slade kept everything consistant with twilight and new moon and put into consideration all the concerns of the fans which was just the right portion of everything:) you will be surprised with the directing of scenes that you have scene in promos or previous pix, in the movie they will still look different or pictured from a different angle. this is the first portion of my review:)

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