Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kristen's HQ Eclipse-Rome Photocall!

Gorgeous is an understatement! lovely HQ pix of Kstew in Rome at Eclipse photocall.. and great close ups of the ring and the pendant that disclose more Robsten proof ;)

via lunanuevameyer

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Final Meadow Scene from Eclipse!

A full Bella and Edward Eclipse scene!!! Just died and gone to heaven, I LOVE Bella's part, it is so genuine and literally brought tears to my eyes :'( , will watch this and go faint :D

via bella's diary

Rob. Stewart Shinning Outtakes Extended!

Rob outtakes extended for the second day in a row! and again I selected my favorites, a bucket load is at Robsessed :)

Kristen. Comic Con 2008 Outtakes!

Stumbled on some new portraits of Kstew from Comic Con 08. Back to one of the best Twilight events ever! at least for Apotamkin:)


Rob. New Outtakes from Stewart Shinning Shoot

Double trouble slide show of Rob! New outtakes from his shoot with Stewart Shinning, I absolutely love the ones near the piano :P

more @source

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh My God! Another Robsten Video!

diandravideos is one of the top Robsten video makers, I chose this light one it captures some cute recent moments and if you are a fan of Usher, then it's a double treat:) enjoy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rob. Rome 2008 Revisited!

Just edited one of Rob's best looks in Rome 2008 from the latest wallpaper collection of the talented dreamysim1. click on link to view her new Rob wallpapers!

New/Old Outtakes from Twilight Press Conference

Some "serious" outtakes of Rob and Kristen from the Twilight press conference shoot and in HQ! You can view more pics at lunanuevameyer as I have selected the ones I liked :D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Robsten's Lovenest!!

Apotamkin is ecstatic :D

Robsten finally settled in a beautiful secluded love nest! Apparently, the dashing couple moved in together in this exclusive LA house. more details @source

image via source

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lovely Fan-made Robsten Video

Oooh! I absolutely love this one! it brought that stupid smile to my face for its whole duration:) Robsten believers have a keen eye, don't they?


by keeparmin1

Beautiful Kstew Poster. Toronto 2007

Beautiful pic of Kristen from Toronto film festival 2007 - retouched of course:)

view original @source

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Edward and Bella Slideshow!

Just recycling these gorgeous pics from Jeff Riedel's shoot. Edward and Bella never looked this good!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Eclipse Still of Edward!

Despite the worry and the concern any new still of Edward is always great!


"I Want to Be a Vampire" Parody!

A sweet vampire parody of a song by Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars. It's raining spoofs:) right on time to lighten the mood!

via twifans

Colt Ford's Chicken and Biscuits. A Twilight Spoof!

Country rapper Colt Ford spoofs twilight in his song Chicken and Biscuits! thanx Woobie for the link ;) No special diet in there just high protein and carbs :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

RobSten Pic in Montreal!

My sweeties stopped to take a pic with fans in Montreal. I cropped and touched the red eyes for a proper Apotamkin post:) beautiful!

via source

New/Old Pic of Kristen and Catherine!

New/old pic of Kstew as Bella Swan and the Twilight maestro Catherine Hardwicke, I've always loved that Bella outfit and shoot:)


Happy Birthday Apotamkin Stalker!

Dear Jan, have a mega Twilight Birthday! It's hard to throw you a surprise party with the oceans of time and space that separate us but here on Apotamkin I rely on the fact that we've both been hit by the twilight bolt and stalking has become involuntary:)

Have a wonderful BirthDay!

video by darksoulvamp

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Edward and Bella Fan Made Digital Art!

Great Edward and Bella fan made digital art! thanx Woobie for the tip, Edward and Bella look absolutely gorgeous and the colors are ethereal! these lovely creations are by artist Fernanda aka blueabyss17404:)

view her entire collection here

Rob with Fans in Montreal!

Some lucky fans got to meet Rob at a back ally in Montereal, it seems :D Rob does hide behind dumpsters and dark places as he once said:) ..very warm to his fans as usual! and Tom waiting on the stairs for the fiasco to be over is hilarious!


Meet Edward The Cat!

:D Speaking of cats! I bet Kristen will love this:) that angry Kitty is dressed as Edward:) even with the Cullen crest and the bouffant and all! Wow! It is certainly pale white and the eyes are golden brown:/ .. Edwaaard!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rare Shoot of Rob & Kristen!

I was searching in the old archives of Robsten to revive one of their shoots and luckily found these! there is no reference to where were they taken possibly in Japan if my twilight memory serves me right! any ways more @source :)

New/Old CBS Interview with Rob!

.. and one for Rob because I haven't seen that before either! He probably was sleeping in his suit lol! Good Morning Rob :D It's CBS interview during Remember Me promos. I have watched the film again the other day..wasn't in a good mood and wanted to feed it or kill myself:)

Great New/Old Interviews with Kristen!

I stumbled on some new Eclipse interviews with Kristen and actually they came right at a time when I was feeling awkward too:) in addition to being a famous cat lady so those two interviews hit a nerve :D enjoy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary Edward & Bella!

Happy Anniversary Edward & Bella!It's August 13th! time flies :D

fanart source

Robsten Love "On The Road"!

Apotamkin is so excited! Robsten sightings and PDAs made its day after some sad posts that reflect life without those two. Finally, the sun shines! The set of On the Road is a special milestone in RobSten's epic story of love:)

Le Sigh! Apotamkin edited and gave Robsten their special meadow:)

Rob & Kristen On The Road!

First look at Kristen as Marylou and Rob as angry and as explicit as can be with how- he- feels about- paps- t-shirt, may be viewed at other blogs! Here, Apotamkin will just express happiness that Robsten are together, love u 2:)

images source

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Robert and Kristen. Outtakes of USA Today

My solution for missing RobSten is lame but will do for now:) I cropped those outtakes from USA Today shoot.

Originals @source

I Don't Believe You. Fan Made New Moon Video!

They say sadness and tears purge the soul! I love Pink's I Don't Believe You and thought some fan might have used it in a new moon video, I was right luckily! can't say enjoy because it might bring you to tears, sorry :(

by BlueEyedFairytale

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rpattz Accepts Choice Actor: Drama for Remember me at TCA

I'm glad Rob got an award for a non-Edward role I'm watching Remember Me as I post this. yes, I take what I do seriously :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Apotamkin's Special Rob Poster from TCA

I imprinted on this capture and couldn't help but edit it:)

Robert Pattinson's TCA Big Moments!

Here are some key Rob moments at Teen Choice Awards. Yes, I'm late and trying to be creative here now that every single blog has all the minute details except me, because of the time difference, work, house work!

Rob stuck with Taylor and Ashely and seemed relaxed among the members of the wolf pack all around:)

... this is typical of Rob around other girls,lol! but despite his obvious state of desperation without Kstew who is currently away shooting her new film "On The Road"....

... He managed to enjoy the show and have quite some laughs:)

... He won choice movie actor for the drama "Remember Me" along with four other categories for twilight (congrats Rob:) well deserved surf boards:)

...and I wonder what does he do with his multiple surf boards?

..end of Apotamkin's transmission :D

tons of images @source
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