Friday, June 4, 2010

Apotamkin Gift Poster. Kristen in South Korea!

Imprinting on this cool capture my signature brushes! hope you like it! Keeping Eclipse tones:)


jaygeeem said...

Love it! You are going to have to give her the newborn red eyes so we can get a glimpse of Bella as she will appear later in Breaking Dawn!! These pictures of her would be absolutely the best ones so far to make into Bella the newborn vampire.

We will be able to drag out this obsession for at least another year and a half-- or two years, even. What will be do when it is over? I think the Twilight stars feel the same way. They are loving it just as much as we are.


Apotamkin said...

sure i will look for a good pose and fulfill ur wish:)I have done it several time before it's time for more:)

It feels weird when u think about it and it shocks me that we could one day simply have nothing left. they should redo it. or meyer should find other perspectives or make television series with Edward, Bella and Renesemee i don't think the fans will let go..I also wish Rob and Kristen play The Host have u read it?

woobie_71 said...

I have not read The Host but I heard about it. Since reading again, after a long time without, I had several failed attempts of switching to another book besides the Twilight Saga. I started with a Crime story, tried Wuthering Hights and Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet. I just couldn't bare it, couldn't quite concentrate on anything other.
Since The Host is also from Stephenie Meyer, it will probably be easier though, so I will try to read it soon. Maybe even be4 starting over with Twilight and Midnight Sun. lol

jaygeeem said...

Oh Stephenie Meyer needs to drag this out and write some more sequels. I would love to see her finish Midnight Son. I have read that several times and I just love it. Reading from Edward's perspective is just so much different and it makes the story even better. If you haven't read that yet, go to Stephenie Meyer's website-- you will find the pdf copy of "Midnight Sun."

After Ms. Meyers has completed Midnight Sun, she could go on into detail with many of the other characters we have met in the Twilight Series. She could expand on Alice's story and the other Cullens-- or the Denali vampires. But I fear she isn't going to do that for us. So we will just have to continue to obsess on Twilight forever-- which I am perfectly content to do.

Woobie, I have been there. I had to absolutely force myself to read something else besides Twilight and I did read "The Host" first. It is nothing like Twilight but it is a good futuristic, sci-fi, novel-- very different but quite engrossing once you get into it.

Then I started reading all sorts of paranormal romance series books. I have ploughed my way through many series including Ann Rice's vampires-- still have a few more to go on them. But I keep coming back to Twilight--I am so hopelessly hooked on it. Thankfully, I can read other books now-- I love to read and I was rather concerned that I couldn't get past Twilight for 2 solid months. I thought I was going crazy. LOL.


Apotamkin-- no hurry on Bella as a newborn. Just keep it in mind-- because these pictures of her in that black sparkly dress with the long pony tail would absolutely be the best for newborn Bella.

Apotamkin said...

I totally agree Jan:) I'm waiting for a good pic other than the one I used all the pix hide her hair I checked other sites but didn't find a good one yet:)I'm having this in mind! it's a priority sweetie:)

nothing measures to twilight as a read even the host isn't even remotely close in style to twilight. the idea is new though the perspective of a good alien!only meyer can pull that off!:)

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