Sunday, February 28, 2010

New/Old Kstew Pix

Some old/new Kstew pix from New moon Junket, It's always cool to have more of Kristen:) via twilightish

BAFTAs Rob-spressions Slideshow

I made this little slide show as an Apotamkin booster to Remember Me and Rpattz. There are tons of HQ pics of Rob at the BAFTAs at rpattzdaily I picked, cropped and edited the funny ones for my post, enjoy!

Remember Me Junket Interview with Rob & Emilie

While I was sleeping actually important things happened at the opposite side of the sphere:) MTV Rough Cut interviewed Rob and Emilie about Remember Me at the press junket! more stuff to come I guess,yey! Here is the full interview.

cullennews via robsessed

Remember Me Wallpapers

I have played a little with this pic hoping it would come out as a decent wallpaper/s :D Remember Me premiers March 1st, must support:)

Twilight 'Scene It' Video Game!

A twilight video game for Wii, nintendo and PC is coming out! You get to answer questions about the movie such as the ones illustrated in the promo. My French is bad, hope yours is better:) I reaaally want this:)

via maniatwilightleblog

Portraits of Anna Kendrick at the BAFTAs

I know I have neglected anything other than Rob and Kristen at the BAFTAs so here are Anna's portraits, nice!.. I just wonder how come there aren't any duo or single portraits of Rob and Kris. That's really weird!

via volturiguard

New Moon Sims

Special thanks to Kristen_Fan for the link to the New Moon Sims Movie! Edward looks hilariously ugly lol! Bella and Jacob are really cute, this is so great:D

Thanks Kristen:)

New Edward & Bella Pic!

Some New Moon stills and trading cards' caps still pop up from time to time :) I cropped this one to save the moment! if that makes any sense:)

via twilightpoison

Great Fan-made New Moon Video

Honestly I haven't watched New Moon since December; it makes me very depressed really... The nicest thing about this video is that it gets you back in the mood, very well edited and the music heightens the classic vibe of the movie, can't really say enjoy:)

via twicrackaddict

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vote for Your Favorite Kstew Hair Style

You can head over at ELLE for a new poll on your favorite Kstew hairstyle and hair color!

My favorite is long layered mahogany hair! and the curly half up-do!

It's bad hair day for Apotamkin :s

On Rob's BAFTA Hair Do!

I think letting the beard grow is the best way to maintain Edward's pale skin in case Rob decides to go out in the sun:) I also think the new look was cool and adds up to the multi-faces of Rpattz.
So what do you think? Did the hair do disturb you?

vid via twifans - image via robertpattinsonaustralia

Revisiting New Moon Conferences

A bit of a drought motivated revisiting some oldies! Still, I found HQ vids of some of the New Moon conferences and panels in Europe, enjoy a blast from a recent past:)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Rob Nominated Best Actor for Empire Film Awards

Rob is nominated for Best Actor as Edward in New Moon, in Empire Film Awards along with big names which are:

Best Actor Nominations

Sir Michael Caine (Harry Brown)

Christoph Waltz (Inglou­ri­ous Basterds)

Robert Pat­tin­son (New Moon)

Sam Wor­thing­ton (Avatar)

Robert Downey Jr. (Sher­lock Holmes)

Vote for Rob befor March 10th here

via thinkingofrob

Ask Rob 7. Emilie

Rob talks about his first experience of Emilie... how was she picked for her Remember Me role.

New The Runnaways Pix and Jett Song

Oh! I think Kristen had the time of her life playing a masculine version of Joan Jett. She is so wild in the first pic!
I selected a song clip of Joan Jett just as reference to compare Kstew's performance when I see the movie. I have never heard of those guys, I think I was 4 or something:) ... and in Egypt!..:D

images via bella'sdiary

New Clip from The Yellow Handkerchief

I like Kstew's Southern accent :), they seem cut out in the middle of no where without a cell phone... a new clip from The Yellow Handkerchief... hand-ker-chief, Gosh! the worst word to type ever :) what's about it in the movie any way?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Moon Deleted Scene on Target DVD

Click here to watch one of New Moon's deleted scenes to be featured in Target DVD, Blue Ray out in March, entitle bob's bike.

New The Runaways TV Spot

New The Runaways TV spot and new scenes! The movie is rated R and it deals with the beginnings and struggles of a girls' rock band. Hail to women empowerment if that what it is!

images via google

New Fan Made ROBSTEN Video. Lovers 2010

A new lovely beyond words Robsten fan made video by Patty13mai. It's sad to say it's for the memory of another wonderful twifan video maker that was lost, calinative70 RIP.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RobSten Manip Magic!

Someone brought together RobSten's lips and I snatched it for one of my touched and edited posts. You can view the original here. I was going to post it but there is a visible difference in the complexion colors so I had to add my touch, hope you like:)

Rob and Kristen Favorite BAFTA Pix

I just thought if I wanted to narrow down the beautiful pix of Rob and Kristen at the BAFTAs, those two will be my choice. There are rumors that Rob and Kristen admitted their romance, these are not true the easiest way to do so was to come to the BAFTAs as a couple, they did everything they could that day to not convey that message so I find it hard to believe it was declared. This doesn't mean they aren't an obvious item, it's only to refute rumors about coming out with it:) Apotamkin is a RobSten believer, known back home for the tendency to like bringing together couples in matrimony for the love of love, and what a perfect couple to embrace :)

BAFTA Red carpet Interview with Kristen

Sweet Kristen praising her fans and co-nominees before show at the BAFTAs.

via lunanuevameyer

Ask Rob - New York as Character

Rob was excited to work in New York in the summer! One more Ask Rob slow feed to warm up for Remember Me:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rule the World. Your Twilight Dose

It's the Twilight fit again lol! I need my fix:) I love this song by Take That, Rule the World seems like a good title for a special Robsten phase:) I think we are approaching the finish line...

vid by immortaljester

Kristen at Burberry Prorsum Fashion Show

Kristen, active in London! lovely pix at Burberry Prorsum Fashion Show. Rob is busy filming Bel Ami, Kstew hangs out with Hollywood gals at fashion shows! sounds like a good plan:)


Ok TV Interview with Kristen at Elle

Ok TV interview with Kstew after winning Elle woman of the year, a question about Rob is interrupted at the end couldn't make it out!

When will things be normal, Gosh!

After multiple hearings I think the question about Rob is:

"Is Rob a little bit jealous at all the attention you've been getting?"

!!! I love Kstew's shy laugh at the mention of Rob and the guarding fiends are fierce!

Kristen. Elle Style Woman of the Year

Elle Style Woman of the year, Kstew rocked a beautiful dress and black gorgeous heels. Congrats Kstew:)

source and source

BAFTA Clips with the Twilight Stars

HQ clips of Rob, Kris and Anna at the BAFTA awards, first look for me at the event:)


Monday, February 22, 2010

Rob Delighted Kristen Won!

Reporter: "So, Robert, you must be delighted about Kristen winning?"
Rob: "what! Yeh, yes :) I am"

Well, it brought her back to London;)

Empire Interview with Kristen

vid via twilightish

Kristen remembering dropping her popcorn cop:) poor baby she had fears. She was so funny patting her Bafta mask once it settled safely on the panel:)

soooo happy Rob snatched his little pearl away from the crowed, be safe sweeties:) I'm an incurable romantic, sigh :))

On Kristen's Beauty!

I'm sure you will agree with me on how stunningly beautiful this capture of Kstew is. I had to magnify and let it chill till something interesting push it down, I love porcelain Kstew:)

Back Stage Q & A with Kristen

Kstew cornered to how would she celebrate the award? No one can trick Kristen for " Well, Rob is taking me out for dinner or something," or hell would be unleashed! lol! but Kstew will "chill!" Have fun Kristen! at points you really look like you are on the verge of crying, a big warm hug from Apotamkin:)

Rob Presents BAFTA Original Screen Play

Rob presents Original screen play award. He does look young with his newly darkened hair for his role as Georges in Bel Ami:)

Don't you just hate the way he and Kristen are separated throughout? I just don't get it!

Kristen's Acceptance Speech & Back Stage Interview

Kristen's acceptance speech and back stage interview, looking blown away and humbled by being chosen :) I'm so happy for her:)


Kristen. Winner Pix at the BAFTAs Press Room

Gorgeous Kstew pix from the BAFTAs press room. You deserve it sweetie, congrats!

special thanx to Bella'sdiary

Kristen Wins the BAFTA Rising Star Award

Congratulations to Kristen for winning the BAFTA Rising Star award!! can't wait for the videos!!


Kristen's acceptance speech:

What a shock. "Wow. Thank you. I guess first I have to thank all the fans of Twilight for proving again and again to be THE most devoted and attentive fans ever. Considering this is voted, credit is due to them so thank you. To the other actors nominated, I am so blown away by you that I can't even describe it. To be voted among you is just overwhelming. And I'd like to say hi to my family."

speech via twifans

More Kristen at the BAFTA Red Carpet

I always love Kstew's dress choices, she looks so beautiful, but is this a sad, insecure look or am I too troubled by her lonesome entrance?


Sunday, February 21, 2010

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