Saturday, June 5, 2010

Interview & TV Coverage of Eclipse Tour in Korea!

The Korean tour and brief interview with Taylor and Kristen. So Rob suggested going to Korea could someone mention Egypt or Dubai? and wait for Rob to finish shooting:) pleeease..

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woobie_71 said...

Well, that was different. After the initial shock wore off, I was laughing for the rest of the clip. The language threw me for a loop, seemed like they didn't even bother to translate much for Kristen and Taylor... what did Kristen say? Bippity boppety What a post! I'm gonna watch it again just for giggles!

woobie_71 said...

Ugh! Today is not a good day to stumble around on the net. Yahoo had Kristen Steward in the top search, so I clicked on it... big mistake. Showbizspy had an article about Robert distancing himself from her because of her thoughtless remarks to the media. He is not going to let her ruin his carreer... Seriously, it made my stomach turn. This kind of bashing is exactely why I don't venture away from your blog, Apotamkin. Though I know it's just a made up story, I need a serious dose of Twilight goodness to cheer up. Going to watch it now :(

jaygeeem said...

Woobie-- I love you. You said just what I am thinking! LOL. I just laughed out loud when I read your comment-- that was so cute. Didn't understand a word of it either except that it was Rob's idea to tour Korea-- and Kristin had to deflect the Robsten rumor--LOL. It was neat that Kristin said something in Korean so at least they get to hear her voice speaking directly to them. I would hate to have to watch the movie with subtitles. You have to spend all your time reading and you can't watch. You would definitely need to watch over and over to get the full effect.

Apotamkin, I wish they would tour in your area. You deserve to see them-- You are the number one fan in the region. Your blog may be the thing that draws someone's attention. So it isn't so far fetched that eventually they will visit.

It is interesting though to see how crazy the fans are in Korea. There is no language barrier, it seems, is there? People world wide love Twilight.


jaygeeem said...


Just be patient-- Robsten is going to be together at the movie awards. There is absolutely no way Rob is going to say something against Kristen at this point EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE (and we know it isn't)-- public relations would not let that happen until the movies have all been made. It IS all made up and who needs to read it?

Always consider the source. Unless it is from someplace legitimate-- ignore it. There are zillions of gossip blogs on the internet and they fact check nothing. They say anything because they can and don't care about the truth. They only care about how many hits they will get on any given day. So that is what drives them. The world unfortunately is full of these morons.

We are so fortunate to have this place where we can celebrate the saga, aren't we?


Apotamkin said...

actually I think one of the reasons the following movie scripts have been interms of let's speak English program and the acting has been very dramatic unlike the first film because of the expanding fan base. so that it doesn't confuse non natives something a feature that I didn't appreciate because a truthful undramatic performance is the reason Twilight got through me. again it is my theory I could be totally off!
sweeties I usually ignore tabloids and I totally support Kristen on her comment comparing snapping her pix against her will to rape. I think she meant it figuratively to reveal the depth of her unhappiness. knowing Rob he is the most decent and diplomatic young actor there is he wouldn't hurt her like this and in her absence. I hate it when sites commercialize her fame to get a piece of it or more hits from her fans. It is so cheap. I'm so happy you value my code of ethics at Apotamkin it is a matter of principle and a life style to simply respect others even if they don't show me the same respect, it feels good and helps u sleep at night and I need that:) love u girls will post u some old goodies tonight:)

woobie_71 said...

Thanks to both of you for your take on the subject. I literally feel hugged. It's all better now.

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