Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lovely Eclipse Meadow Still!

Lovely panoramic meadow still of Edward and Bella in Eclipse. lovely!



jaygeeem said...

Oooh! The meadow is to die for! Love it!!


Can't wait to see the movie!

Apotamkin said...

are these lavenders or violets? they are so beautiful and bountiful they symbolize their blooming love as opposed to the dead meadow in new moon:) i like it!

jaygeeem said...

I think it could very well be a combination. But you are right-- the meadow is lush and beautiful. The first time I watched Bella fall to her knees in the dead meadow in New Moon, I had to keep from sobbing. It was so sad.

Now this meadow with the two of them there obviously very much committed to each other-- YES!!

I can NOT wait to see the movie. I think it is going to be the best one yet.


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