Saturday, June 5, 2010

Attention. Bella in HQ!

Bella from an Italian promo poster!



woobie_71 said...

For as beautiful as Bella always is, this is not my favorite capture. She looks a little arrogant. We know that she is anything but that.
The poster makers should have given her a more scared look then a conceded one I think. I don't know, maybe my perception is a little off?

Apotamkin said...

yes and the different eyebrows I have something for symmetry:)I just wish they made some lovely duo posters may be they did and will release them later as they did for NM posters!

jaygeeem said...

The hair attachment is obvious in this picture. I always think Kristin looks great, her hair is odd.


jaygeeem said...

They are really overdoing the solo posters and poses this time around. You would think that none of the characters had any interaction in the film. We know that isn't so.

Could they at least put out one poster with Edward and Bella?


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