Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kstew at Stockholm Photocall!

Kristen dazzles in a rusty golden dress at Stockholm photo call! what do you call that color by the way? any help Jan, Woobie? :)



jaygeeem said...

It looks charcoal with a hint of gold blended in-- don't know what you call it-- but it is smokin'!!

That necklace, again!


Apotamkin said...

yes mysterious :) if u put an O on top of an R topped by a B you will get an 8 shaped pendant which i think is the design of course because i m looking for RobSten clues all the time lol!

jaygeeem said...

Well, you could very well be right on this one. It is not a real fancy piece of jewelry. It is simple and she wears it with some really dressy things. I do believe it is something special because why else would she leave it on for everything? Could it be??


woobie_71 said...

Yeah I think it's gold too. Then again it also looks like the color of her eyes with a gold shimmer. It looks nice on her.

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