Sunday, June 13, 2010

Access Interview Snaps!

Shaun Robinson gets "access" to all! feeling "The Hair," be close to the pretties and taking the cutest pix with Rpattz & Kstew! Love those and Rob's nose flare is always priceless when captured lol!

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jaygeeem said...

So Rob thinks Edward may have a haircut for Breaking Dawn! He's done filming in July and they will begin filming in November. That gives him enough time to put about an inch of growth back on his hair. He may be right-- Edward's hair may be shorter.

And then did you notice he also mentioned in one of the interviews that Breaking Dawn would be filmed back-to-back? So by next year at this time, they will most likely be done with the initial filming. That should help considerably to show them as younger rather than older.

Apotamkin said...

I think it will be the most interesting shoot of all! can't wait and I agree it is better done this way because it will have the same Condon directing both films?

jaygeeem said...

Yes, both films-- same director-- back-to-back. It will be a very long shoot for them.


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