Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snow White and the Huntsman Banners

Kstew's new project Snow White and the Huntsman also released new banners! love the pretties in their new roles:)

fan made by Mslchoco

Bel Ami New Trailer!

Bel Ami released its first teaser today! watch out for the new era of Rob, I smell nominations! can't wait for March and London:)

view trailer on facebook

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Making of Bella's Pregnant Doll

The mastery of Bella's prosthetic doll in Breaking Dawn was so perfect that it is a shock to read about it knowing you couldn't really tell it was one while watching. More outstanding pix from the illustrated BD movie companion!    scans via twifans

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HQ Vanity Fair Photo of Rob

Dreamy and beautiful as usual! a HQ Vanity Fair pic of Rob playing the piano... I don't know about you, but it just made me feel worse! I miss the pretties:(   via robsessed

Monday, December 19, 2011

New Bel Ami Stills

New Bel Ami stills promising a rather sinister Robert! Do you think Rob's new evil roles can change how we feel about Edward? not in a thousand years!

Official Cosmopolis Poster

Still in low quality but nevertheless worthy of posting, the new official Cosmopolis poster with Rob inside his Limo, I can hardly wait for Rob's new projects:) via robertpattinsonUK

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pregnant Bella Stills

Pregnant Bella Stills from the Breaking Dawn official Illustrated Movie Companion, I love how the CGI worked it all out for Bella to look super skinny!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Apotamkin Gift: Vampire Bella

I edited this beautiful capture of Bella Waking up, can't wait to see her wake up in part two!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breaking Dawn Movie Companion Stills

I came across some scans of the newly released Breaking Dawn movie companion check them all at twifans I selected my favs:)

Vampire Bella looks gorgeous, I think that should be my new banner;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Turning Page Live

I know you will agree with me that Turning Page is the song of Breaking Dawn... It fits perfectly just like Flightless Bird did it for me in Twilight:) Here is a new Live performance of the song by Sleeping at Last, enjoy!



Written by: Ryan O'Neal (Sleeping At Last)

i've waited a hundred years. but i'd wait a million more for you. nothing prepared me for what the privilege of being yours would do.

if i had only felt the warmth within your touch, if i had only seen how you smile when you blush, or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough, i would have known what i was living for all along. what i've been living for.

 your love is my turning page, where only the sweetest words remain. every kiss is a cursive line, every touch is a redefining phrase.

i surrender who i've been for who you are, for nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart. if i had only felt how it feels to be yours, well, i would have known what I've been living for all along. what i've been living for.

though we're tethered to the story we must tell, when i saw you, well, i knew we'd tell it well. with a whisper, we will tame the vicious seas. like a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees.

Copied from

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Apotamkin's Review of Breaking Dawn - Spoiler Alert!

   I have seen Breaking Dawn for the fourth time today, I’m still way behind- compared to those who say they have seen it for the eleventh time lol! It is worth the time indeed and the multiple viewings not only for ogling at Edward and Bella’s beauty but first for the pleasure that we are finally watching breaking dawn, the wait is over and I thought it won’t be over like 9 months ago!

Bella’s usual intro this time foretells the movie is about maturity and for a devote twifan I know what is to come is beyond childhood experiences and for poor Bella to have to endure it all, my heart aches for her nervousness and courage.

I loved how she handled Edward’s confession the night before her wedding telling him he is proof she can survive her vampire transformation because he is capable of courage, love and sacrifice.

Her first wedding dress is so perfect as well as the second I was hoping it is receiving the same hype and Edward makes a perfect groom, doesn’t he? The wedding vows, kiss ( which will definitely win best kiss for “you name it awards” next year because we are not letting anyone else get it) and the guest toasts were just perfect! 

Walking the streets of Rio, Isle Esme and getting ready for the wedding night was super cool, and I think it would have been great if the love scene focused on the unnatural aspects of their union like biting the pillows to resist killing Bella or when he lost control and bruised her.

For those who didn’t read the books it looks like a normal steamy love scene,with the exception of the crushed headboard, it could have been an old bed lol-- I think it should have looked more awkward in the process. I was over hearing remarks such as “what? he got over excited?”, somehow the physical impossibility of their union didn’t translate. Outside this context it is a super lovely scene.

The rest of the outdoor honeymoon scenes were so brief formed as short sketches that the spoilers we have seen before the film make one feels they were cut so short. Edward didn’t sparkle for once throughout! I believe it would have looked really nice to see him sparkle again maybe at the waterfall or in Bella’s dream. 

I didn’t like Edward’s hair style, eyebrows and the burgundy color they gave him specially that Rob looked way slimmer than twilight and they could have made him look way closer if they didn’t narrow the space over his eyes with heavier brows. I don’t know why they changed his hair color. His eyes were perfect as his lenses were definitely of a much better quality than his cousins for instance. 

Bella was perfect! I can’t think of one thing that I would have liked her to change. I think Kristen gave an outstanding performance as a teen mum who never got a taste of true happiness for more than two weeks until she realized she is carrying a bloodsucking baby and death was at the end of it. I loved how Rob and Kristen played their parts, one of my favorite scenes is when Edwards hears the baby, and they find their single happy moment after their turmoil. 

The CGI in Breaking Dawn is literally flawless, I have a sharp eye for details and this one had all the morphing just right to perfection. The Wolves, Jacob phasing and Bella’s bony figure was so real even when she had her leggings on, it was creepy! The birth scene was great I just felt they were a bit slow in paying attention to Bella after the baby was out. I was like ok she is sedated she can’t feel the pain now when Edward gave her Renesmee, but come on! She has got to be bleeding what r u waiting for!

With the exception of the imprinting scene and the actual baby I think the CGI was a bit off, Mackenzie Foy looked digitally animated as a grown up, there were blends of footage and animation and I thought the morphing was a bit rushed in that scene. There was no need I guess for us to see her fully grown just to see her as a future mate for Jacob; he loves her as a child that’s how it is (we didn’t see her teeth or hair) I believe such details were important to stay true to the book.

Vampire Bella looked gorgeous and as the last blood cell was seized by the venom her heart stops beating, I thought that was beautifully done. 

The cut for the end of part one is perfect and it leaves us in real anticipation for the final film. I can only think of the wait now that the sand clock has been flipped again, I’m simply trying to keep myself from going nuts!

Lamiaa aka Apotamkin:) 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Do we Love Twilight - UK Premier

Well, I have decided to come back with this, it still roams around UK premier which I can't get out of my head yet but it gives you a little piece of everybody's mind on why we love twilight so much:) nice interview from film club UK...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Apotamkin at Breaking Dawn UK Premier

I have made it to the Breaking Dawn UK premier and back and simply had the most exciting experience of my life! I did it all! went through it all, survived the elements and what elements they are!and finally met the stars got cool pix and autographs! Despite flying 8 hours adding airport time at both ends would easily make it a 12 hour journey!I tried every possible sleeping position on my seat during flight having in mind I'm heading to the street once I arrive to join fans from all over the world who decided to defy the calls to appear at 6 am on premier day and spend the night on the freezing pavement instead to secure first rows and wrist bands,  after all we came a long way to leave it to chances now:)) arriving at 11:00 am I was number 105 to get on site! this meant my chances to line up first row was extremely high! my friends made it as early as 6 and were slotted among the first 50 in line:)

I flew from Dubai to London on the night of November 14 to arrive early morning on Tuesday Nov 15th and headed straight to Stratford Westfield mall as soon as I have dropped my bags:)  I brought along my sleeping bag, a blanket, the camera, my cell and lots of crackers, chocolates and water, but above all I have created a small handy laminated pic in the hope of getting signatures from the cast:)

 arriving at Stratford Westfield mall
 The site still being constructed

I have exchanged mobile numbers with 3 fans I have met on facebook and we have decided to camp out together:) Jenni, Amanda and Camilla and little Acacia:)

I was thankful to the clear sky and the beautiful sunny day that greeted us and kept us warm on the pavement behind the mall :)
Jenni and me
 early campers and the ladies from Robert Pattinson "It has always been Him" group
 only 130 fans were waiting early Tuesday, they reached 250 by night

 enjoying London Sun:)
It was exactly what I needed to be among my people! I could finally chat about my obsessions and listen to people from all around the world dish on Rob and the saga, flaunt their blankets, play our favorite twilight music and create their banners before the night hits as early as 4:00 pm!

The day was short and the night was too long and the cold platform became freezing once the sun disappeared, we were promised initial wrist bands after midnight and the final ones by morning.. me, Jenni and Amanda tried to group together and cover up with all we have got including big bin liners! so we ended up looking like huge cocoons and still not achieving anything close to warm, it was above 0 because no snow was falling, I guess lol! but something beautiful actually fell on me from above a beautiful white feather came out of no where and I thought it was a good sign:) may be Edward was biting pillows near by:)

after 7 hours we finally got our night wrist bands and security guards in their yellow uniforms started to take position to keep us safe during the night and staring in disbelief at the same time at our reckless behavior:) there were several points when I was talking to myself if I would really survive and not die of hypothermia on a backstreet in London:))

 After 5 hours of freezing our bits for the morning line up we finally woke up, if that was anything near sleep:) at 5:30 am on premier day that meant we still had 12 hours ahead till the actual premier. We starting cleaning up and getting ready to move to our initial line up point before they let us in to the pens outside and inside the mall. Something really sad took place but because twilight fans are the most organized masses at least when no cast in sight we overcome what could have been a major disappointment!
 wake up call!

We owe two great fans a smooth transition from our spot to the actual lineup because once the mall security got there to hand out the final green wrist bands people from behind started to push forward to be among the first and ignoring those who got their first. A list made was our names according to arrival was ignored by the security and many ended losing their spots including myself. Then a lady from took the list and started calling us by name and number and we started moving back to our rightfully earned spots! I am thankful to both ladies, the one who though of making the list to protect our positions and the one who decided to make it effective when the guards ignored our calls.

I separated from my group as we moved to this new spot still outdoors from 6:00 am till 10:30 am until they allowed us to head to the pens and to choose where we wanted to stand parallel to the red carpet. I was so cold I decided I will not stand outdoors from 10:30 till 5:45 pm waiting for the premier, I needed to be warm so I decided to head to the mall for a spot at the end of the red carpet where the stars are expected to walk to attend the movie screening. I thought to myself too many people will be outside as opposed to those inside and it would be a different experience for me to view an indoor red carpet and certainly very warm :)

The red carpet was actually a white one with two red stripes on the sides and it was covered with plastic till almost near the actual premier and the fans starting to mark their spots with their beautiful posters, just across from me three beautiful brides turned so I could take a photo of their Bella veils, the one on the right was the first one to arrive Christina Kristy who created the name list that saved our spots, They were so cool and got a chance to be on TV too:)

I was the first to get to the right side of that beautiful arch that I thought at a point must be made for the stars to stand below and that would certainly be a great spot to see them, or at least I hoped it was, I was still wondering whether I made the right choice to be at the end of the carpet where they would probably be tired and cold as they got there but I was hoping someone would tell them we we were among the first to wait for them and that we would get a chance to get photos and signatures:)

They had those little screens on top of our heads and they started streaming the arrival of the stars on the red carpet outdoor and we were so excited as the place started to shake with the screaming fans I did a little bit of screaming too lol! It was approaching 7:10 and no sight of Rob, Kristen and Taylor they were still outside with the fans! winners of premier tickets started to walk the red carpet for the screening of breaking dawn at 7:30 we started to panic as this meant the stars will have to be rushed through to get to introduce and view the film and we won't get a chance to see them. Kristen was the first to come inside then Rob and Taylor and I literally lost the spot for my feet I didn't know where to stand! I was still the first one but there were feet below me and it suddenly got so crowded with photographers, celebs and stretching arms!

Rob was the first one to sign my pic but I initially didn't get the chance to take a photo with him he started signing on my right side and I handed it forward my poster and he signed it without looking up and I thought that was it then later he went to the end of the left side and came forward to sign and take pix with all the lined up fans:) when he got to me for the second time I told him I came from Dubai to see you and he was looking down and smiling and I asked to take a photo and he came closer so I assume he saw me and heard me though I didn't see it! He looked even kinder and lovelier in real life, really fragile and thin, I really appreciated how he wanted to make sure every one got a chance to get a photo or a signature from him:)  

 My Kristen encounter was the most personal though really quick!first she passed on the opposite side then took a full round to the right then coming my way she started saying sorry to those on my right she was obviously tired from the cold and the flashes she was now in her sneakers and barely visible under stretching heads. when she was in front of me I handed her my little apotamkin/bd poster that Rob signed earlier she signed it and as she started to move I told her thank you so much sweetie love you and then she looked up into my eyes and smiled back at me:) I took this close up of her as she moved to my left. Kristen's eyes are very light green you could see deep into them and her lashes were soo long, she barely had an make up on:)

 I got also a signature and a pic with Taylor and he was really serious looking at that point he came from the same direction as Rob from my left and also made sure all fans got signatures, He is not so buff in real life too!

I also got to meet Rob's best friend Sam Bradly and told him to say hi to Rob and that they are great guys and I would really love to join their pack and he smiled at me and gave me a pat on the shoulder lol! 
Producer Wyck Godfrey was kind enough to stop for pix and meeting fans! I also saw Charlie Bewley,director Bill Condon and Jamie Campbell Bower passing before me:) Bill Condon was in a rush and apologized for not stopping for photos:)

At the end they all went inside and suddenly workers started tearing the posters and gathering cardboards and I got to get the huge official poster hanging below me too! I went home so excited I still didn't believe I was really there and I have actually met my most beloved RobSten for real! I wasn't dreaming!

About three things I was absolutely sure I was number 105, I was probably the only one who traveled 3400 miles to be part of this event and I had met and got signatures from Rob, Kristen and Taylor:D

Rob signing for me at 8:16 - 8:20 :) before coming back again for the photos:)
It was such an outstanding experience for me the first of its kind and the most fulfilling, I couldn't sleep from excitement! on Friday I went to see breaking dawn and Gosh! it was super awesome! 

Coming out to the voice of Bruno Mars singing "It will Rain" I was truly thankful my Breaking Dawn adventure came to a perfect closure and I couldn't have been luckier:) Just got back to Dubai last night and I didn't want to leave you waiting for my story that I hope you were waiting for after all you are my motivation and Twilight and RobSten are my passion xoxo

I will try to download my videos as soon as possible and post them in their places here as well as soon as I can;)
(Please credit pix and link back to Apotamkin should you chose to share my post, thanks:)
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