Saturday, July 30, 2011

All about your Heart! - RobSten at Comic Con

finally, the one I have been waiting for from our dearest patty13mai, her latest vision of a fan vid of RobSten at Comic Con:)) All about your heart, enjoy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

HQ Breaking Dawn Poster and Gifts!

Now in HQ Breaking Dawn poster and a couple of improvised Edward and Bella posters by myself for your home decor :))

Full Cineplex Interview with Rob and Kristen

well I found a full Cineplex interview with Rob and Kristen at Robsessed, hope they got to sit for more, I miss interviews with them both!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Honeymoon Breaking Dawn Clip - Comic Con

 so a very very important clip of the Honeymoon scene from Breaking Dawn was revealed and up till now the best video out there is captured by fans. sharing the excitement, it is awesome! can't wait for the HQ!

Apotamkin dead--------

RobSten fan Video - Comic Con 2011

for you to smile my dears with RobSten at Comic Con. A first look at fan made goodies by mysparklingvampire:)

IGN Interview with Rob, Kristen and Taylor

They my be short but in HQ and new so they get a spot on Apotamkin:) IGN interview with the trio at Comic Con!

HQ Breaking Dawn Panel Vid!

A fuller and better quality vids of Breaking Dawn panel at Comic con are out. The close ups and vivid audio deserves another look, enjoy! via twifans

Monday, July 25, 2011

Apotamkin Gift - Untagged posters of Snow White Cast

I edited out the tags on the newly released Snow White and the Huntsman promo pix for and Apotamkin gift:)

Snow White Panel at Comic Con Video

Thanks to we have an MQ video of the Snow White and the Huntsman panel at Comic Con. It is edited but viewable ;)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comic Con Panel: Snow White and the Huntsman

Comic Con has a double treat for us with Kstew and the Cast of Snow White. here are some and a lot more at twifans

Kristen as Snow White - edited

I cropped warrior/snow white Kristen Stewart into this beautiful close up! love Kstew in period clothes, this should be awesome!

Snow White & the Huntsman Official Promo Posters!

Two of my favorite girls in the world Kristen Stewart as Snow White Charlize Theron the Queen! super cool official posters of Snow white and the Huntsman!Our girl gets to release her inner fierceness:)

official website

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moviefone Interview with Breaking Dawn Cast!

 Another cool one with most of the BD cast for our nibbling pleasure. I can't wait for the 6 mins of test screening from breaking dawn at comic con to go on line, that should be a huge thing!

MTV Interviews with Rob and Kristen!

These MTV interviews are really cool. Kristen ehmm! makes the correction Cullen not Pattinson (no one can ever trick her;) and Rob wrapped up Cosmopolis ..

Bel Ami Official Trailer!!

 My Gosh! Is this going to be Rob's best ever? Definitely, I think Bel Ami is going to reveal another great dimension of Rob. Love it! Bel Ami Trailer:) How long to we have to wait..

New Comic Con Interviews with Rob and Kristen

I found you these 3 interviews with Rpattz and Kstew at Comic Con, enjoy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cineplex Interview with Rob and Kristen

How long has it been since those two appeared together for an interview! well, I love kstew's British accent with "the birth" and wonder why is Rob acting dorky with the hair and attitude! just sayin' I'm a bit not used to them like this! 

RobSten Moment - COMic CoN!

and the one I would take a break after till I post more tonight is a Robsten moment at Comic Con! Here I pause...

Twilight fans Talk at Comic Con

Dedicated twilight fans scream for their favorite stars and Saga:) I wish I was part of this!

Taylor, Kristen and Rob Talk to Clever TV

A quick chat with the glamorous trio with clever TV!

Clever TV - Breaking Dawn Press Conference at Comic Con

I found these HQ vids of Breaking Dawn panel on YouTube it seems full. I still haven't viewed it all. hope it is! from Clever TV the breaking dawn panel at Comic Con 2011.

Rob Speaks of being Shirtless in Breaking Dawn

Part of the Breaking Dawn Panel at Comic Con 2011. Rob and Taylor speak of their most difficult scenes in Breaking Dawn.

The Trio at COmic COn!

The trio attending Comic Con while I was sleeping :( looking good and wishing for all to end (just kidding!).  twifans

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn Official Poster - The Cullens

Official Breaking Dawn poster from Comic Con featuring the Cullens, Edward and Bella! via lunanuevameyer. I cropped it and edited the colors until we get the HQ:)

Rob, Bear and Stu on the Walk

I got to give it to Rob that he definitely has taste in friends be it human or animal hehe! these pix just showed me how much I love him:) Well, it's a rule breaker on Apotamkin random happy Rob on the walk with Tom and Bear is excused from the paps ban. Rules are meant to be broken as a bad friend of mine once said:)  view more

Comic Con Promo Cards of Edward and Bella

Beautiful Edward and Bella cards from Comic Con..looks like Apotamkin is having manip ideas!..may be tomorrow:))

Monday, July 18, 2011

nothing but love - Robsten video

There is always something joyful in the way xFiorels90 edit her RobSten videos, this one brought the biggest smile on my face. Yes, there is nothing but love that those two deserve:) I wish every couple share the goodness and the genuine feelings those two have for each other, enjoy!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bonding with Kristen

I'm not fond of pix that chase the pretties around but as I came across several posts of Kristen while I was on vacation in Cairo, I felt my break was very much like Kstew's! dealing with boring pending issues! so I thought I'd share with you some of the little ideas that went through my obsessed head...

.. while Kstew was renewing her passport, I was renewing my ID!

When Kstew had to deal with a fender bender I was stuck on traffic for hours:) ( yep! I have glasses like hers too:))

.. and while Kstew was being checked at the airport, I had to get through a screening to visit liberation square,how could I be there and not go?

 aaand as she went for her horseback training, I got to contribute with my kid to saving a baby birdy (I can't ride horses but will definitely contemplate it now :))

well this post may be called hallucination or an attempt to bond with Kstew:)

Awsome Edward and Bella Posters

Gorgeous posters of Edward and Bella from Twilight to Breaking Dawn by artist Nikola! via twifans

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Apotamkin's Edited Edward & Bella Calendar Scans

I have cropped and retouched these into some cool poster gifts for your saving dears, have a great weekend!

Breaking Dawn Calendar Scans

Some new scans of breaking dawn calendar are out check more at spunkransom until I post my edited version;)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cast Interview - Comic Con 2009

I recalled this interview and thought a refresh is not a bad idea after all what else can one do in such draught-y time!

Twilight Panel - Comic Con 2008

Can you believe three full years have passed since Comic Con and a new one is soon to come July 20th 2011 in San Diego!The Twilight panel was really special and I personally never get bored of watching along with anything related to that period, things were straight forward and less complicated and the pretties were just themselves, enjoy!

New Moon Panel Comic Con 2009

and the new moon panel it marked a milestone in Rob and Kristen's love story:) they were apart after shooting new moon when Rob left for Remember Me shoots. Comic Con was the first time they saw each other and I guess it was when Kristen realized she has feelings for him and RobSten began:) I love watching there eyes speak :))

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great fan made Saga Video

I didn't have to complete watching this to know it is a great one worthy of a post and revisits, great video of the Saga's inner conflicts, by Amber Rivera.

Harpers Bazzar Shoot Revisited!

I don't know about you but Rob and Kristen's Harpers Bazzar's shoot was absolutely gorgeous! I picked few which are somewhat hazy in my memory and the rest are here

Old/New Press Conference with Kstew

I haven't seen this before but Kristen speaks of love and the bond between characters in Twilight, well it just feels good to see her:)

on the hype for RobSten, don't expect much!

on on the road experience!

Rob Wallpaper

I love dreamysim1's Rob creations, I'm posting one from her July collection check it out here

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Rob Outtakes from TV Week

New outtakes of Rob from TV Week shoot still pop up! I picked my favs, check out more at lunanuevameyer

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Act Naturally - RobSten fan Made Video

I'm happy Kristen went to see Rob in Canada, you know I don't chase the pretties or publish stuff that offends their privacy so this video is a tribute to their devotion and their struggle to be who they are. thanx to xFiorels90.

Kristen Stewart - HQ Outtakes (Adventureland)

beautiful HQ outtakes of Kstew at Adventureland's press conference.
more @source

Rob takes revenge on the hair!

It seems that Rob is determined to CUT loose all the Twilight ENDs! Rpattz not only is shedding Edward's gorgeous persona to an evil one in Cosmopolis, The Bouffant is brutally destroyed as well. Is it a tactic to prove he is a  real artist, not made by Edward?
we all know you are Rob!please don't go to extreme measures:)
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