Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fans Stalking Rob in Chickamauga

I feel a lot better now knowing that I don't need to go out more because I guess if I do I would only be joining those campers and that won't change a thing:)

"Hey lady! ... and most importantly; a beautiful beautiful soul"

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Classic Fan Made Twilight Videos!

Some tell me I should go out more, some say I need treatment and all I can say it's just my own brand of heroine! I chose those fan made Twilight videos they always make up for draughty days, enjoy:)

Rob, Socks and Slippers on the Set of WFE

This look is completely responsible for the happy ending of one dull day:) Rob you just made lonely Apotamkin laugh and gave it the post for the day!
Socks, slippers and rolled up pants :) thanx!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review of Unscripted Interviews with the Twilight Cast

A review of the best of "Unscripted" twilight interviews is out! still I remember that the funniest moments would have their total effect if viewed in context:D

Lets say it is a great excuse to post these again, the good old days, sigh! and why don't we have one for Eclipse!!

Rob and Kristen talk to InStyle Germany

New interviews with Kristen and Rob from InStyle Mag Germany. The only reason to wish for the Saga to be over is for those two to lead a normal life, I hope! shame :( Go Pap free, Join Apotamkin..

Does the fame scare you?
I'm still not familiar with being in the spotlight. Screaming fans make me nervous. I could pass on that attention. I'm very, very shy by nature.

Do you have to dig yourself in the hotel because the fans siege the building?
No, it's not that crazy. I'm reading a lot of stories about me. If they all were true I would have a horrible life (laughs).

Some fans are annoyed because you were critizing the "Twilight-hysteria" on the internet.
I don't understand why people spend their time on forums or facebook and don't even post something meaningful. For me there are more important things than spending hours on the computer. I love to read a book, listen to Led Zepelin, U2, play guitar or watch a play. And instead of chatting I meet my friends in person.

Such as Robert Pattinson?
Such as.

Why do you still make a secret out of your relationship?
I don't make a secret out of it. I just don't talk about certain subjects because most of it is interpreted wrong.

Do you read articles about yourself?
Yes, most of it is amusing. And I have to know what crime I just committed because it is guaranteed that I will be asked about it in the next interview (laughs).

What do you think about the comparison you are going to be the new Angelina Jolie?
Who comes up with that? But I don't complain. She is a great actress and looks beautiful.

You are a role model for many girls. Also fashionable. Do you like it?

I'm not an expert. I have my own style. I buy vintage and wear old rag and funky t-shirts. I only wear things which I really love. That's why I don't like stylists. I want to be as authentic as possible and I don't care about the labels on the t-shirts.

You've been chosen to be one of the 100 influential people in the world. How do you take it?
As long as nobody writes that I'm one of the 100 worst people I don't care. The positive thing is that I'm now more perceived as actress. I get better offers for a role and can choose instead of taking all.

Are you scared of falling back when the Twilight-Saga is over?
All actors have that problem when they played a role for a longer time. There are two sites. On the one hand it is a huge compliment that I get when a Twilight fan always sees Bella in me. On the other hand is that I did different projects during Twilight as well.

For someone who dropped out of school you are pretty successful. Why did you quit school?
Because of the acting I had no time for it anymore. From the 8th grade on I had a private teacher. But I didn't missed the school for one second. It was horrible and I hated too sit still in class. I've always been rebellious and needed my freedom. I was really relieved when I could study at home. Studying was fun. I'm interested in many things, for example writing. But school was never the right place for me.

What would you advise to young people who are interested in acting?
If that's it what you really want you have to try. Otherwise you would regret and that would be sad.

If you wouldn't have become an actress. What would you do today?
Writing scripts. If that wouldn't work out I could imagine working as a property master, too.


All your “Twilight” colleagues said that you were in love with Edward after reading the books. In love with a vampire that abstains from sex before marriage. What do you think of that?
I think that Edward’s afraid of sex (laughs). No, I kind of
understand his point of view, because the stage in which you are not sure of yourselves in a relationship is the most exciting. Maybe I’m old fashioned in this respect. There shouldn’t be rules for love. Some couples meet in a bar, sleep with each other the same evening and live happily ever after.
What do you think of girls that cry “Marry me” at your film premieres?

It’s mind-blowing but it’s just a part of my job.

You once said that you had the deepest relationship with your dog…
I was only partly serious. Unfortunately my dog, a West Highland Terrier, died last december. He was 18 years old. I love dogs and I’d love to get one again, an older one that’s already been trained. Do I want a dog that’s already perfect? That would be like getting a furnished apartment. Very impersonal.

But you’re used to that right? You only drive rental cars, live in hotels, eat in restaurants. How does it feel to be homeless?
It’s necessary. In Los Angeles I live in 5 different hotels, because after two days the paparazzi will be waiting in front of the hotel. I don’t buy a house because of that. After one week thousands of people would know were I live – that’s no home.

How is it to live in a hotel?
The roomservice’s not good for me. In London I was addicted to greasy indian chicken dishes. Now in L.A. I order 5 healthy dishes, which are delivered in the morning. I’am only able to make toast and I add barbecue sauce to everything (laughs).

Do you sometimes feel lonely in the hotel?
There’s no time for that. I’m surrounded by people all the time. On the set you ask threehundred people “How’s it going?” every day. I could easily live two months without talking to a single person.

Was it preferable not to be famous?
No, only more boring. Former I wasn’t allowed to enter clubs. Now I’m avoiding them. The four months previous to the first “Twilight” premiere were the months I partied the most. All of a sudden I was standing on the guest list of the coolest clubs of L.A. The paparazzi didn’t know me back then but all of the bouncers let me in. In London things are different. If you slip the bouncer 200 pounds, you get in, no matter if you’re famous or not. But I think my clubbing-times have passed.


Apotamkin's Special Kstew Poster!

When the sources are dry or when Apotamkin is not satisfied with the news, it edits the pretties, one for Kstew on the go:)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Eclipse's "Rolling in on a Burning Tire"

This is one of the songs that caught my attention in Eclipse Rolling in on a Burning Tire by The Bad Weather. I love how it suggests the coming of the Vultori in the film, creepy but right for the mood:) enjoy!

Outtakes of Rob from Theo Wenner Shoot

Some new & old untagged outtakes of Rob from his Theo Wenner shoot... via source

Twilight Fan Made Art

I found us some cool twilight fan made art via picasa and photobucket.

.. and as one of those devoted fans, I have colored Rob's mono from Another Man shoot...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Anywhere. New Fan Made Robsten Video

I don't know this one made me lol in the middle of the night so I hope it does the same to you. A new Robsten video from HoneyBusy:)

More Rob Outtakes from Another Man in Color

More outtakes in color from Rob's Another Man shoot! Apotamkin likes the first one ... so Edward:)

view all @source

Another Man Outtakes of Robert Pattinson

In the twilight zone there is no such thing as outtakes! but here they are! some monos from Rob's shoot with Another Man..


Apotmkin's Review of Eclipse!

After a long wait for the release of Eclipse, finally I got to see it upon its screening in the US but here in Dubai because someone awesome decided to have one night show of Eclipse one week earlier from its official release in Dubai on July 8th. I have seen Eclipse twice and still have hopes of watching it again only after watching Twilight and New Moon back to back just to die of a Twilight Saga over dose or go into shock till Breaking Dawn is out in 484 days, 15 hours and 40 seconds according to my custom made counter which is I think is trying to tell me that will be after a year and a half or so (WTH!) I suddenly felt that rush of fear of growing older which overwhelmed Bella as she woke up from the Granny nightmare in New Moon! I'm turning 38 next month and I guess this means I will be approaching 40! (my Gosh! Carlisle change me now!)

So for now I have decided to be an advocate of living in the moment as our dear Rpattz advises in Remember Me and count my blessings for I have watched Eclipse “yey!”
The movie certainly captured Bella’s sinister situation being the target of Victoria, the hungry newborns and the polished Vultories, thanks to David Slade who brought his monsters from 30 Days of Night to our innocent Lion and Lamb Twilight zone. Not that he is responsible for slashing our violet and lavender meadow dreams with rated 13 invisible blood because after all these are the ideas of the master mind Stephanie Meyer manifested on screen.
I’m thankful to all the romantic moments that the film included. They were all great on Edward’s part and a bit weird on Bella’s who seemed to cover up some hard feelings for his desertion in New Moon or may be trying to teach him a lesson and weigh her alternatives. I remember “it has always been him” was when she made her choice but again Jacob deserved his chance too, I guess. I must say that the slow pace of New Moon was made up for in Eclipse with a racy calculated pace with what seemed like an equally assigned room for each group of characters very mathematically done which how men do it I guess (sorry I just love Catherine Hardwicke I could really lose myself in the pace of Twilight).

The colors, the CGI and the new looks of the vamps were very cool and a clear attention for details was obvious as the lenses were better, the vamp skin texture and shatter and the wolf transformations and body symmetry were perfect and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to the sound tracks and the score I don’t know why the main musical theme was in favor of the Jacob scenes. Edward and Bella didn’t own the background music in my head like they did in Twilight where the music stood by itself as an element of the movie's huge success or like in New Moon where Bella’s suffering was reflected in the sad tunes of its score.

I loved Jasper and Charlie, they stole the screen at least for me during their scenes. I’m completely relieved Bella’s wig looked natural though I missed its natural flow with the wind. I’m definitely hoping for a long haired Bella that Chris Weitz depicted in Alice’s vision for New Moon but without the maiden dress. Which brings me to the elimination of Bella’s wedding dress that was supposed to appear at the end and was replaced by Bella's acceptance of the ring in the final scene.

I would have loved to see Edward carrying Bella on his back to the meadows or have them do a double summersault on a tree or something instead of their state of immobility. Don’t get me wrong I loved their scenes but those kids need to move around instead of posing statuesque most of the time. The movie was great! It ranks second best after Twilight for me (personal reasons to quote Edward)and I’m definitely heading for a third combo viewing any time till I get my creepy Apotamkin hands on the DVD!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Eclipse Still of Edward and Bella!

A new black and white still of Edward and Bella is out. the angle suggests it was taken by a crew member perhaps:)

any ways...

Here is my lame attempt to color it! until the real deal:)


New Still of Kristen from The Cake Eaters!

Lovely new still of little long-haired Kstew from The Cake Eaters:) wouldn't it be lovely if Bella grows her hair that long in Breaking Dawn? I vote for that!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Great fan Made Robsten Manip!

I visited Mayhemonte's manip den and found this awesome antique manip of Robsten! I love the idea of Robsten being as old as time, lovely!

...and here is my tribute of Mayhemonte's art work!can't help it:)

Swedish Interview with Kristen Stewart!

Here is a cool interview with Kristen in Sweden. A deep discussion of Kstew's future career and how she stays herself in spite of the twilight commotion:)

Kristen Stewart at Eclipse Press Conference in Berlin

I'm digging in some recent past and to my surprise there is a lot of good quality interviews and Eclipse conferences with Kristen Stewart finally available in HQ! Here is another from Berlin! (one for u Woobie:) The amount of loudness those kids have to endure will wreck any nerve system and I love them a lot more for that:)

Kristen and Taylor. Eclipse Fan Event in Rome!

Bellissima Kristen at Eclipse fan event in Rome vids. Here is the photocall and Q & A that weren't available in at the time. Kristen is overwhelmed by the loudness of the Italian fans! wait till u c me Kstew:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breaking Dawn Manips!

Digging for fan made manips is a tough job but it's really fulfilling when I end up finding cool ones!

I found this awesome Bella and Nessy manip and colored the original mono..

The maker of this Edward and Bella manip did an amazing editing with the colors and resolution, it deserved only a frame..

This one needed some colors and had to crop a hand that couldn't belong to Bella :)

As for this one it is just, Perfect! to copy Edward waiting for Bella down the stairs when..oh you all know what I'm talking about..

and this one of Rob and Kristen can be squeezed in for no reason other than being gorgeous!

I googled these! and here are the sources, twilight fan artists are the best!

Apotamkin's Special Kstew Poster!

I found this gorgeous pic of Kristen and decided to work my brush on it. A gift for Kstew, my dear stalkers Jan & Woobie and you all of course,


The Runnaways DVD and Blu Ray Cover!

Behold the new cover for the DVD and Blu-Ray of The Runnaways!

The DVD is out tomorrow in the US, still didn't come to theatres here in Dubai.. posters were spotted around though by the curious Apotamkin eye;)


Monday, July 19, 2010

Rob Tells "New" Mag: "Kristen is a Wonderful Girl"

One of Rob's greatest interviews to New Magazine UK. Rob talks about Kristen being wonderful ( we know she is adorable!) and quiting smoking (Apotamkin is so excited about that!) , how he spends his time (same here Rob!), his previous romances and a lot more. for bigger scans read the interview here
via twifans

Kristen talks about Gossip and the Tabloids

I love this German interview! Kristen is thorough and discusses the love triangle and her perspective on it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rob and Apple Devices Monologue!

"Finally! a long day of shooting is over!"

"I think I should tell Kristen, we are seeing Bobby again tonight!"

"Now, the question is to text Kristen via my iPad or my iPhone, I'm completely confused..!"

"Da! my new iPad! such a long day! and the bow tie! it's completely ridiculous!"

" all is done... it's time for my iPod, Yeh!"

Hope you have enjoyed my Rob and apple devices inner monologue, Apotamkin has gone a little crazy, didn't it?

Well, here is some serious piece of info I've never posted before:

Rob is shooting Water for Elephants in LA
The movie is based on best-selling novel by Sara Gruen
Rob plays the lead role of Jacob Jankowsk, who drops out of college to run away with the circus.
The movie is directed by Francis Lawrence
(info source)

Vanity Fair Shoot 2008. Revisited

Still in the Robsten mode and killing some drought time with my personal brand of Robsten; a quick revisit to The VF shoot. I edited and cropped some favorites. Share the mood:)

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