Friday, June 4, 2010

More Kristen Gorgeousness from SK Premier!

Can you take more Kristen gorgeousness, this might hurt your ego just a little lol!

extended eye-line and extended hair, this is indeed a new cool look for Kristen. BTW have you noticed the wedding gold band on her left middle finger? The mystery ring makes a public appearance! I want to hear your theories:)



jaygeeem said...

Oh yes, I can take more of these pictures. She is absolutely stunning with the hair and the dress.

The gold wedding band on the left middle finger? Do you suppose this is from Rob and she is wearing it on her left hand- just not on the fourth finger-- to keep us all guessing? Of course, it would have to be a promise ring or something like that-- they could not be married. They would NOT keep that a secret. Interesting though, you notice everything. I am going to have to start to pay attention to every little detail from here on in.


woobie_71 said...

Did this ring only show up with this outfit or can you see it on the other Korea pix? I don't know what to make of it, but we can always imagine... hopeless romantics that we are!

Apotamkin said...

i think Rob is wearing one too need to do more detective work:)

woobie_71 said...

Well I just went back to the interview in Australia and she is wearing the ring then too. So yeah, yippy! We do need your detective work, Apotamkin! Keep at it.

jaygeeem said...

Apotamkin is the one that pointed this out. I had to really study the pics to find it. But it's there, all right.

And Apotamkin thinks Rob has one too? Oh it must mean something, then right?

This weekend Robsten will be together for the MTV awards-- several chances there to see if they are both wearing the rings.

We can always hope-- yes we can-- and we will-- LOL


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