Friday, June 25, 2010

Eclipse Premiere. Recorded Live Feed!

Live TV : Ustream

I can't believe it is here already! view a recorded live stream of Eclipse Premiere!


jaygeeem said...

Oh wow! Can it get more exciting than this? 5 days before it begins here in the USA. Then daily I will be evaluating when the craziness will settle down so I can go and see it myself. I am hoping that I can wait until July 8th at least. But I have really been obsessing on this now for far too long-- don't know if I can contain my excitement.

Thanks, Apotamkin for putting these great videos here. I really don't go anywhere else-- so I appreciate all your work to give us as you say, all the "pretties."


woobie_71 said...

What a crazy crowd of people! I got to watch all of the premier at E online, it was a 2 hour deal. Kristens father was there but didn't want to talk to the reporter. He just walked by the booth. Has anyone ever seen him befor? I was surprized, hes a musician looking guy, with long white hair. Like the total opposite of Robs dad. lol

The fashion show was super. Everybody looked smashing! Although I was a little bit disappointed about Kristens dress. Rob in a red suit...hmmm, it was ok I guess. Red is not so great a color for a suit, is it?

The fans were insane. Someone managed to mark Kristens forhead with a sharpi,within the first 5 min of giving autographs. She had to go back and wash it off and get makeup reapplied. Thank goodness it didn't hit her in the eye, it was right above her eyebrow.
They really get thrown in the lions cage at these events.

I loved the interviews. Stephenie Meyer was awesome. They were talking about making Bree Tanner a movie... but Steph said she wants to write a book next that is impossible to film, and she wants to be proven wrong. Hope I explained that right? I think the director for Eclipse (Slade?) would be great for that. He seems to have the perfect attitude for impossible tasks.

jaygeeem said...

Oh Woobie! I am so out of the loop. I would have watched that had I known it was on. But it was probably good that I didn't know. I am getting a little bit crazy here.

And I am still trying to wrap my head around: Rob in a red suit! The only red suit I've seen is Santa Claus-- and that is hardly even remotely Twilightish!

I wonder if that premier is repeated anywhere. I would love to see all the interviews. It sounded absolutely riveting. And I have never seen Kristen's dad or mom so THAT would have been something I would have been very interested in watching.


woobie_71 said...

I had no idea it was on either, stumbled up on it by accident. Already late too. But there was an instant rerun so I got to see the beginning again. Maybe there's a recording of the whole show somewhere on E-online ?

Apotamkin said...

poor kristen it is a tough and stressful time for her:(

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