Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse is Here!

Taking an Eclipse most awaited break! tomorrow by the time I get from work and get geared for Eclipse viewing, I would probably miss the chance to blog as usual, so what's better than leaving you with a taste of what awaits us, I haven't seen those hope you haven't too:)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kristen on The Today Show!

Kristen also pays a visit to the Today Show! I have got to watch these before I post!
Yummy dose for the day:)

Kristen on Regis & Kelly!

..and Kristen on Regis & Kelly! the number of interviews required a fiery boosted hair to charge Kstew on her multiple journeys! I guess:)

Kristen Stewart on David Letterman!

Is this look the definition of gorgeous or is Apotamkin completely biased?! Kristen on David Letterman ROCKS!

images source

Kristen at NY Screening of Eclipse!

Sizzling hot, Kristen flaunts her new paprika hair do at Eclipse premiere in New York. very mature look for our little girl :)


Monday, June 28, 2010

Fan-made Robsten Manips!

Borrowed some cute manips from the master of twilight manips Mayhemonte:) I chose those particular ones from loads of gorgeous manips because each represents a wish of mine as a hopeless twi-fan: for Robsten to live happily ever after, to visit Dubai and more sequels from twilight :)


Eclipse Soundtrack Preview!

Enjoy the preview of Eclipse Soundtrack in case you haven't got it yet! I think all is coming together in my head:)
three more days to go Gosh!

Eclipse Score Preview. Howard Shore

Get a quick preview of Eclipse's score. This might not last long!
It's grand and intense unlike Twilight and New Moon.
I like Jacob Black, Wolf Scent, The Kiss, As Easy as Breathing & the bonus track at the end!

14 Year Old Twi-hard Interviews Rob!

OK:) This is what happens when a Twilight fan interviews Rob! Major Lolz :D

Italian Volvo Ad!

Carrying on with some Italian content:) enjoy the new Italian Volvo ad with some exclusive Eclipse footage!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Roberto! An Italian Interview on Love & Romance!

Molto romantico video of Roberto! sigh! yes keep the romance alive the world is so cynical! Love this Italian interview with Rob, finally something different and meaningful:)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

RobSten Highlights. Fan Made Video

A dreamy fan vid of Rob and Kristen at Eclipse premier. thanx to patty3xonly

Kristen at LA Film Festival

Busy busy, Kstew jumps from Eclipse premiere to Welcome to The Rileys' at LA Film Festival. Looking good!

more pix @source

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rob and Kristen Premiere Gift Poster!

Adorable mutual gazes deserve a post don't they?

Someone out there loves Apotamkin! tickets are sold for a special screening of Eclipse on July 1st in Dubai, I Got My Tickets tonight YEY!
so Jan & Woobie! the wait is over!
We could still watch Eclipse simultaneously on its release day, if you can take the screams!
I know u never acted "out of guilt" lol! ;)

Oh! and the after party Slideshow! sigh..

Trio Premiere pix!

All for one! and one for all! love the spirit of the trio pix!

Robsten Glamor at Eclipse Premiere!

RobSten at their best at the grand premier of Eclipse!

I have selected my favorites from various sources, enjoy!

via sources:

Robert Pattinson at Eclipse Premiere!

Only a true vamp can choose to wear the color of blood lol! daring and stylish the Rob equation! Rob at Eclipse Premiere!

working on the best Robsten collection later tonight!
this is just a glimpse:)

till then...

Kristen Stewart at Eclipse Premiere!

Lovely and as gorgeous as ever, Kristen Stewart at the US Eclipse Premiere!

Eclipse Premiere. Recorded Live Feed!

Live TV : Ustream

I can't believe it is here already! view a recorded live stream of Eclipse Premiere!

RobSten Poster Gift!

Obsessing a little on this shoot:) you are welcome to join!
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