Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kristen on The Today Show!

Kristen also pays a visit to the Today Show! I have got to watch these before I post!
Yummy dose for the day:)


jaygeeem said...

I am still trying to figure out what she did to her hair. It sure looked much shorter on the Letterman clip.

I do like it-- it is a nice change and it flatters her.


Apotamkin said...

She looks beautiful with the overall look and makeup but it is not the best hair color on Kstew! she has it in a knot all through with the free bangs I don't think sha has cut it. there was no pix from behind at letterman but the way it is pulled back from the sides shows it is gathered at the back, I think:)

jaygeeem said...

I am pretty sure she cut it too. If you look at the stills outside the Letterman show, you can see that the sides are now chin length. In the other photos, the tendrils are much longer. She cut it about chin length- which is where some of her shortest layers were.

It has definitely been trimmed from when she was in New York and just sporting her new hair color. I like it-- it is very flattering on her. In those photos, she wore a small know at the nape of her neck and the tendrils were definitely much longer.

I did a google search and found an article that described a "cropped chin-length" hair cut. So I think we will see in the next few weeks that she did cut it.


woobie_71 said...

She better not be cutting any more off because the wig in Eclipse isn't really all that great looking.

BTW I went to the midnight showing...I COULD NOT WAIT ANY LONGER,lol! So gals , whenever you are ready to talk about Eclipse, so am I .

jaygeeem said...

Woobie!! LOL- I was whining to my daughter last night that I wanted to go down to the theater and see if I could get in for the midnight showing!! Of course, I was kidding because I do have to work today; however, I told her that I was going to break down either tonight or the next couple of days and we were just going to have to go to that movie. She thinks I am crazy to be so obsessive about Twilight. I told her that she is at fault for that. I would never have read the books had she not convinced me to do so. So if she thinks I am bad, she is to blame as she created this Twilight monster that I have become!! LOL. I am absolutely loving throwing that back in her face everytime she rolls her eyes at my Twilight addiction.

I doubt that Kristin will cut more of her hair. If it is chin length now, it will be at least a couple of more inches by the time they start the next Twilight shoot in November. It will be long enough to do nice looking extensions or to be able to blend in her much longer hair with a hairpiece that will look more natural. The problem with her "Runaways" haircut was that it was very short layers which did not allow for natural blending of hairpieces. Extensions would have been ugly too. So hopefully this new do of hers will be much easier to make long for Breaking Dawn.

But you are right Woobie-- she can not cut it any shorter.

And BTW-- I can talk about Eclipse-- spoilers and all-- NOW. I have been searching the internet for all the comments. I will not be disappointed if I get a scene by scene report before I have seen the movie. I can not be spoiled-- it just won't happen to me. I can not get enough of Eclipse even before going to see it. I am that crazy.

So what did you think? By now Apotamkin has seen it too-- so girls-- what did you think?

From what I've been able to discern-- Twilight lovers absolutely give it a thumbs-up. It is supposed to be the best of the three so far. I know it will be for me because the book was my absolute fave. The cynics-- Twilight haters-- just should stay out of it. They don't even know what the story is about yet they just are compelled to write trashy comments which so obviously show they are just writing from an ignorant standpoint. They are such losers and their opinions mean nothing to me. But you two-- on the other hand-- I am so anxious to hear what you thought.

Spill-- NOW-- I can not get enough-- I want to hear what you thought about it and I am absolutely dying to see it. Before the weekend is out-- I will have gone-- and this is a promise.

Come on-- comments-- the more detailed the better!! I really am going crazy-- I want to know more!!


Apotamkin said...

oh Woobie! you did it YES! Jan! our show is tommorrow night still 22 hrs to go!! i can barely wait! Jan u must go when it is out and again when all is calm to nibble on it lol! i will definitely go many times if I like it enough i saw new moon 3 times at the cinema but couldn't get more of the depression. This one is something else!

jaygeeem said...

Yep-- I am going to hit one of the afternoon shows either tomorrow or Friday. I figure that they might be less crowded-- and even if they are-- I DON'T CARE!! I simply can not wait any longer and will go by myself if I have to. I am desperate to see Eclipse as soon as possible.

Woobie saw but she's not going to talk until she knows you've seen it-- so we have a day or so to go before we can discuss it. I can not wait.


Apotamkin said...

Yes! go for it Jan so that we can discuss it together asap. I hope Kristen is heading our way I don't know what would i do if she does nothing in the news!

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