Monday, June 28, 2010

Eclipse Score Preview. Howard Shore

Get a quick preview of Eclipse's score. This might not last long!
It's grand and intense unlike Twilight and New Moon.
I like Jacob Black, Wolf Scent, The Kiss, As Easy as Breathing & the bonus track at the end!


jaygeeem said...

Oh thank goodness. It lasted long enough for me to listen. This captures the essence of Eclipse. Yes, Apotamkin-- grand and intense and passionate. It is beautiful and seeing how the previews are-- the movie is going to be absolutely awesome. I might have to brave some screaming and crowds-- just to get my first taste. Then I will go again when the noise has quieted.

This music is epic-- it just fits what I feel when I think of the story. Thanks-- and to the powers that be-- for not silencing this before I got a listen. Wow!!


Apotamkin said...

u must go and enjoy the hype and then see it again in among a quiter crowd. I would love to experience the craziness that u guys have for twilight in the US i totally wish I would join a twilight party or sream with crowds or camp for days to see the cast I'm worried about myself for wanting that is this midlife crisis? lol! or is it the phenomenal effect of twilight?

jaygeeem said...

LOL-- I think it just is the effect of Twilight, LOL. Personally, the screaming is a bit much for me. I never was much into that. I just go quiet and don't want to make a fool of myself. LOL. I will probably break down though and see the movie ASAP because I am just too anxious to wait it out.


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