Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apotamkin is Back in Town!

Hey! Thank you for hanging in there for Apotamkin! I have been to Egypt and back and was unlucky enough to have no Internet access or the opportunity to update on such a short trip!

So my sleeves are up now as we say in Egypt:) and I'm digging the goodies I have missed!

Missed you all:)

Lamia aka Apotamkin:)


jaygeeem said...

Say there!! You were sorely missed. It is wonderful to have you back and blogging Robsten!!


Apotamkin said...

thanx sweetie it is good to hear from u too... it was as if a hole has been punched through my chest lol!

jaygeeem said...

Oh no!! Although we missed you and all you wonderful little things you do for us here-- we wanted you to enjoy your trip back to Egypt.

But it did seem like you were gone forever-- so it is great having you back.

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