Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wild, wild Rob! Water for Elephents Set Pix

New pix of Rob in the wilderness on the set of Water for elephants! Rob on a bed of grass and orangey flowers a far context from the usual:)

more @source


jaygeeem said...

Yes, these are great pictures of Rob. We can still imagine him in the Twilight meadow, can't we?


Apotamkin said...

yes as Edward but I thought that's a bit unusual for him as Rob:) plus the flowers are orange instead of lavender lol! and the hair/the outfit..oh gosh I messed up! the meadows of course! :)

jaygeeem said...

Even though the clothes don't quite fit Twilight and Edward, that place he's in reminds me of the meadow. There is no Reese in the picture, either-- LOL.


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