Monday, May 13, 2013

Rob's Birthday Gift

Happy 27th Birthday Rob! These are the photos of my birthday gift to Rob I shipped it on Saturday and hopefully he receives it - I am not setting my hopes high that he gets it on time for his birthday but I really hope he receives it at any point. and gets to read it - that would make me really happy :)

Happy Birthday Rob

at 00:30 seconds with fans - thanx to Robsessed

Happy Birthday Rob!

Dear Rob,

Happy 27th Birthday! My name is Lamiaa ElKholy I am from Egypt and living in Dubai. I am an old fan since the first Twilight. I’m also the creator and admin of the blog “The Cold One of Egypt.” I was leading the typical limited life a Middle Eastern woman is forced to lead, until you inspired me to discover blogging and dig my love for art and pursue my passion like you, Kristen and Stephenie did. Blogging helped me get a job as an online entertainment editor and I have started writing my first book by the end of 2008. Today I have brought success to my area of profession and published my first book with a UK publishing house and it got live in April. I met you and Kristen on the red carpet of BD1 and BD2 and I flew specially to see and support you both and will continue to do so always. I am sending you a copy of my book “Anomaly” on your birthday; I know you love reading and I also participated before with gifting you your favorite book “Money” and a couple of more gifts are coming this year with other fans. I really hope you like it as I dream of making it into a movie one day. Rob I wish you all the best with your life and career, you bring your fans so much happiness just seeing you every day-- Happy Birthday :)


Lamiaa ElKholy

I sent a copy of my book to Rob's agent Stephenie Ritz in Beverly Hills with this letter and I signed the book - I really hope he gets it - HAPPY BDAY ROB! :))

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kristen at the Met Gala 2013

Kristen wearing Stella McCartney to the Met Gala, what do you think of her short do and new look? I don't know how Kristen does it? those heels! looking closer, her foot is hurt:( designers should find a way to make women in style and COMFORTABLE :))

Kristen and Stella McCartney at The Met gala

Kristen showing her dark side with a deep red jumper designed by Stella McCartney who accompanied her to the Met Gala - it is daring! and as usual, Kristen's experiments with style prove she is still as beautiful without her signature long hair and mini dresses.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Rob and Kristen Posters - BD2 Edited

I saw this photo of Rob and Kristen from BD2 LA premier and it recalled the lovely memory of camping out in London for them to arrive the next day. I fell in love with their looks and colors and immediately knew how to spend the next hours on the cold pavement - the out come was beautiful like them - my muses Rob and Kristen xx 

I made me this and I am sharing with you an unforgettable memory that I will carry with me forever x
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