Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Official Bel Ami Poster

 Behold the first official Bela Ami Poster which has just been released! Mr. Duroy looking cold in his blue velvet! via RPlife! but that is not all! I made a special Apotamkin gift on the run of Rob as Georges Duroy, enjoy!

click for larger:)

Apotamkin Gift: Kristen and Duroy Manip

A quick Apotamkin manip to make the distance shorter for Mr Duroy's new French Lady:) Just Kidding I thought Kstew would look stunning with her boyfriend :)

New Behind the Scenes Clips of Breaking Dawn

Behind the scenes of Breaking Dawn DVD features: The Wedding and the Honeymoon! enjoy the tease while it lasts GOSH!

vids via robsessed and bella'sdiary

Apotamkin Exclusive: Untagged Pix of Kristens Vanity Fair Shoot in Paris

E Online posted a few pix from Kristen's glam Vanity Fair Shoot in Paris! I have enlarged and untagged them for an exclusive Apotamkin post, please credit back to my blog if you repost!
check the post on E here

Kristen Meets Lucky Fans in Paris!

Some lucky Parisian fans met Kristen Stewart after her new glam Vanity Fair Shoot, our girl looks super, doesn't she?!

video via bella'sdiary and pix via kstewartnews

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bella Reborn Stills

I like this a lot! the last blood cell gets transformed by the venom and it unfolds like a rose very very creative and visually beautiful:) moral of the still: "it takes blood to get to diamond" :)

It doesn't get better than this, just super great warm ups for the DVD due for release February 11, Just edited, color enhanced the caps of Bella reborn as a gorgeous vamp! check out tons of caps at twifans

Amazing Caps of Bella's Nightmare

Tons of caps over at twifans from Bella's nightmare wedding, I picked my favorites cropped and enhanced the colors for a HQ post check the rest out at the link to compare effects:)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Apotamkin Gift: Bella Wins Album

I have created the album Bella Wins on my facebook page these are some of the pix that I have edited out some screen caps via twifans. hope you like the enhancements! check out the full edits and albums of today here and here:)

Apotamkin Gift: HQ Caps of Edward and Bella

If you want to know how I spent my weekend! well, I have been editing! making screen shots and enhancing their color trying to capture some of my favorite moments on the honeymoon clip of breaking dawn! Oh me love this:)

Kristen Stewart in a SWATH Photo Shoot

Kristen, Charlize and Chris got together for a special SWATH photo-shoot in LA, reported popsugar! Looks like a casual yet a serious one,  check out some pix here

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Snow White TV Spots

New TV spots for Snow White and The Huntsman! love Kristen's valor and daring attitude! can't wait for this new revision of Snow White and the London premier in May, I really want to go, let's hope I can!

Hilarious Breaking Dawn Spoof!

This spoof comes with its share of rated R footage, I am closing my eyes and ears to the language but the rest is absolutely hilarious! The trailer for "Breaking Wind" from the makers of "Vampires Suck" :D

Some Cool Caps from the Extras on Breaking Dawn DVD

Some really cool screen caps from the extras and special features on the Breaking Dawn part I DVD! I trimmed them and cropped them, then starred at them:) check more here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lovely RobSten Fan Video!

I came across this lovely RobSten video, I love how Rob and Kristen's love for music is at its center and links all together, "you're everything that makes me fall in love" by Robstenville, enjoy!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Apotamkin Gift - Rob and Kristen for EW Poster

When bored and when missing Rob and Kristen that's what I do:) make you gifts! I thought I give it a try to edit out Taylor and reconstruct their arms... my eyes usually get used to the errors until I see it again after a day or two so here it is, hope it is good enough for now:) xo
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