Friday, June 11, 2010

Collider: 7 Compiled Eclipse Scenes!

What a space and energy saver! Collider released this compiled Eclipse promo scenes' vid. I thought this could be a cool gift to the Eclipse cravings of my beloved stalkers (Jan & Woobie and Jenny) and any one else who doesn't want to be shielded till the big day:)

Feed..oops! enjoy:)

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jaygeeem said...

Oh wow!! Now that was really something to see. This will guarantee I will be back here many times-- just to watch this!! The movie is going to be great.

Thanks so much, Apotamkin. You just never disappoint!!


Apotamkin said...

welcome Jan I think of you guys when i select my posts to keep your twilight doze meter high:)

woobie_71 said...

mission accomplished! Twilight Doze Meter is through the roof!
Loved the Feed comment! Oh and thank you for Edward here on the left. Glad you zoomed in all the way, gosh he's just out of this world, isn't he? I just can't get over the beauty of this pic. It radiates love and longing.

jaygeeem said...

Well, I've watched this video 10 times now and will go for another dozen or so. Thanks, Apotamkin.

Pretty blue Edward pic is to die for. The coloring in the pic is perfect Edward. It so belongs on the left where we can see it always.



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