Saturday, April 30, 2011

Le Grand Journal Water for Elephants Interview

Robert Pattinson R.Witherspoon C.Waltz on LGJ Full Interview - 29/04/11 from veronicaspuffy on Vimeo.

Seems really cool haven't watched the full one and a lot of concentration is required to extract the English from the French:) Did they get R.Kelly because Rob said on Ellen he was doing Karaoke of "I believe I can Fly?" nice idea;)   

Gottschalk WFE Interview

I missed on these cool interviews, it was a busy weekend for me! will try to post some of the cool ones to get back on Rob's trail:)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Best!

Cheer for my posts on the Royal Wedding at

here and here

Rob and Reese Premier Water for Elephants in Paris

Red Carpet pix from Rob's European tour promoting Water for Elephants in Paris. view more at robsessed!

Larger Water Fall Pic from EW

This could easily be one of BD's movie posters. Breaking Dawn for sure will be aesthetically beautiful :)

Apotamkin Gift Portraits - EW Breaking Dawn Stills

Just awesome colors and posture, I couldn't resist dedicating the past two  hours to editing the text out and changing the beautiful stills into Apotamkin's special portraits, hope you like my new gifts:)

EW Brings New Breaking Dawn Stills

If there is anything more exciting than the royal wedding tomorrow, it is definitely seeing those lovely Breaking Dawn stills today! Special thanks to EW for the captures. via twifan

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apotamkin Gift - New Edward and Bella Still

I have enlarged and added some light effects to this beautiful new still of Edward and Bella ..

New Breaking Dawn Stills from People Mag - Edited

Lovely  new stills posted on People magazine of Edward and Bella shooting Breaking Dawn. I touched the a bit for better viewing. I'm not posting spoilers as much as I can I really want to remain ignorant and be surprised:) via robsessed

Rob on The Red Carpet - Water for Elephants Berlin Premier

Beautiful pix of Rob on the red carpet of Water for Elephants premier in Berlin. Rob in Brown! that's original and matches the tones of the film I guess:))

Rob Premiers Water for Elephants in Berlin

Some cool casual shots of Rob and Christoph Waltz in Berlin for the premier of Water for Elephants in Germany.. had to include the hand in the hair one for the classic touch:))
 more at robsessed

Monday, April 25, 2011

Old/New Outtakes of Kristen - Cosmo Girl

Old outtakes of Kristen for Cosmo Girl, so ethereal! more at source

Beautiful Outtakes of Kristen - Dazed & Confused Shoot

Some collective beautiful outtakes of Kstew are out, view more at lunanuevameyer

Awesome Fan Made Twilight Videos

I did good today finding me and you a talented twi-fan and more cool edited videos. I just love how the music and the color tones used by create a totally new effect ..I like!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to Apotamkin's global friends have a colorful one:) 

Never Think - RobSten Classic

Robert & Kristen: Never Think from keeparmin1 on Vimeo.

I don't know about you but when I have nothing to do I dig some fan made RobSten videos, I came across a classic with Rob's "Never Think," It is just incredibly calming no matter how many times I listen to it:) What would we do for Rob to sing again... by keeparmin1

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Great WFE Interview with Rob

I love this interview, I watch many but I only pick the ones I'm  really moved by:) first Rob is still sick, recovering from the flu he mentioned he caught on set perhaps, you can sense it in his voice. The bit about using a song for a pick up line is really funny:)

via rpattzdaily

The New Act - Another Water for Elephants Clip

I like this one "I'm confessing that I love you" by Louis Armstrong moves Tai, did I get that right? I should get a life lol! This movie is awards material for sure. can't wait to see Rob acclaimed:) The new act is the title of the clip, enjoy:)

New Water for Elephants' Clip - The Train

Subtitulado nuevo clip de Water for Elephants... by Saruchis

A longer clip from Water for Elephants, seems quite intense and again I just can wait, 2 more weeks till May 5th!

Rob Answers Questions for USA Today

Rob answers 5 questions that I can't hear 2 of them:)) but who cares! have fun with Rob's Q&A with USA Today.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Remarks on Rob on Ellen and Kimmel!

please don't be harsh on me! I'm already very embarrassed but had to collect my courage and tape this. You will probably need your ear piece because I have a really low voice and a retarded pace:))

My first you-tube vid:))

Kristen Stewart BTSs of The Messangers!

a rare video of Kristen behind the scenes of The Messengers film. It's new to me and super cool to see Kstew's kitties Max and Jella:) via

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rob on Jimmy Kimmel!

The fans are totally out of control and the excitement of seeing Rob is just electrifying! enjoy!

Rob on Ellen 2011

The greatest Rob Interview ever! Rob on Ellen dishing about his childhood, his road trip and an app that locates Rob! I must download that:))

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Preview of Water for Elephants' Score

Just thought some of you who haven't explored many of the lovely sound tracks of Water for Elephants would be interested in a preview of the score, enjoy!

Rosie, Speakeasy kiss,  Jacob returns are my favorites...

New HQ WFE Still of Rob

We are bound to love Rob as Jacob! This new still captures the essence of his new character, I like that:) Water for Elephants premiers in Dubai May 5th simultaneously with London Premier if I remember correctly, can hardly wait for my multiple viewings:))

HQ Fan Video of Rob and Kisten Leaving Le Cirque

This a longer better quality fan video of Rob and Kristen leaving WFE premier and Le Cirque where the after party took place, cute how Rob is accepting and adapting to the rushed life style hope it gets better for Kstew too...

via bella'sdiary

Funny Water for Elephants Interviews with Rob!

Snuggling with Tai and juggling apples these are fun stories to watch and listen to when Rob is involved enjoy!

via lunanuevameyer

Preview of Rob on Ellen

Rob on Ellen is just one of my top favorite events! here is a preview of the interview waiting for the full HQ version. via thinkingofrob, oh and the belly dancer hope she is not Egyptian:)) the music definitely is!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Robsten - Every Little Thing

As expected Maika did it again! Ammmmaaazing Robsten Video! every little thing she does is magic, very true:))

Rob on Regis and Kelly HQ

One more HQ interview with Rob for Water for Elephants, this time it is Regis and Kelly and the Pattinsons are all there, Lovely Brit clan:)

Apotamkin Gift. Rob and Kristen at WFE Manip

...well I have done it of course! but the hardest part was contouring the rest of the dress on the side and the bottom it is like plastic surgery lol. hope you like it:) I can't believe non of RobSten pix are out till now!

New Photo of Kristen at Water for Elephants Premiere

Lovely and obviously a lucky snap shot of Kristen back stage at Water for Elephants premier in New York. Until we get more Apotamkin will work its brush to bring the pretties together:))

Unscripted with Rob and Reese

Just Awesome interview, an unscripted one with Rob and Reese. I'll wrap it up with that, finally something to nibble on :)) the brain that changes its self! that's my brain for sure:)) Rob would make a great instructor or university professor wouldn't he?!

Rob at the Today Show

HQ interview with Rob today on the Today Show! I can't wait to watch it posting blindly:( sorry I was late my net was down and the time difference thing ah!

Rob and Reese Red Carpet Interviews

Pop Sugar and Access Hollywood, I think had the best quality interviews and you know I'm usually selective! more at rpattzdaily

Robert Pattinson on WFE Red Carpet

I am out of words! I just love ROb in a gray suit not necessarily gray but this is just classic gorgeous:)

tons of Rob pix at lunanuevameyer

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kristen Stewart the Highlight of Water for Elephants Premier

ok guys as much as I was excited about Water for Elephants premier and a further mile stone in Rob's career, I had only one thought in my mind would Kristen show up like she did for Remember Me premier? Would she walk the red carpet with Rob? will she make an appearance if she does go? Well, Kstew did it her way as usual. Got there, hid from the crowds, took off her heals and ran out with Rpattz only to shy away from his bold kiss, no surprises!!

Kristen never lets go of her sneakers:))
and Rob never seizes to tease our girl, i love how he laughs at her embarrassment:) so cute:))
I couldn't start with any thing else another precious RobSten moment:)
Love you babies! thanx to twifans for the vids and caps:))

Exclusive Water for Elephants Clips!


Just found you and me those new Water for Elephants clips on YouTube love me back lol!

Elle Outakes of Kristen!

I found those at lunanuevameyer, supposedly new outtakes of Kristen's shoot with Elle UK, they kind of look familiar to me but nevertheless always worthy of re-posting:)

New Still from Water for Elephants

Teaser still released today to pave the road for the Water for Elephants romance premiering today 2:15 am my time:(( enjoy it you guys in the US Apotamkin is officially jealous!

enlarged & enhanced it a bit,  original via robsessed
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