Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Score Sample Music

I was looking for more music from The Score-New Moon and came across this sampler. It's a brief review of the sound track...
by midnightsunvids

Edward and Bella PicSpam

Do you ever get enough? Apotamkin's dose of Edward & Bella!

Volvo. What Drives Edward Ad.

It's a Volvo ad. but it's quite special! It's also a New Moon promo! I guess it's only logical for any Twilight fan with the prospect of getting a new ride to get a Volvo! If it's Edward's choice how can other cars compete?


Acoustic Decode Awesome!

Was trying to find an excuse to post Decode, I just love it and I have already hurt my family's ears singing and squealing :D here is a wonderful acoustic live version of the song for your listening pleasure, love!

Vanity Fair New Issue

And I have to post aesthetically beautiful images! these are new shots of Rob, Vanity Fair takes the lead once again in December issue. more images here

New Bothered Clip. Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon does it again! this time for Halloween... and my son won best costume as Edward!! yey! he says "I now understand how Rob feels!" he got quite good screams too :P


Friday, October 30, 2009

Funny French Speaking Rob!

I have seen this a long time ago terribly cute Rob attempts a french accent for Teemix interview, watch!

Rob on Green Screen

mmm..what could possibly be happening on that green screen/ Bella's dark dreams? more trees perhaps? or a luxurious mansion or a turbulent sea? you call it!

That Japan Visit!

Eternal sigh! possible thud:) that Japan press tour was just awesome, this video is a favorite, featuring our delicious trio! enjoy:P

Girl Crushing!

Showing Kristen some Apotamkin love!

David Slade Confirms Eclipse Wrapped!


Twilight Eclipse officially wrapped shooting, at 4.30 am October 29th. Physically and emotionally exhausted. DAVID Slade from web

Edward and Bella in Best Movie Mag

Two new behind the scenes pix on Best Movie magazine. Rob in character, Kristen dreamy, catching a bite can't tell! probably chips. Kidos were working hard!

Rpattz daily

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Twilight Cast Praise The Vultori

This is a short MTV interview with the Cullens talking about the Vultori, short but fresh!


Kristen's Egyptian Toy Kit!

This is one of three videos compiling funny moments with Rob & Kris. I just found out that Kristen's favorite family gift was a kit of Egyptian stuff that she loved, a funny story in there too! it's around 2:34 & 5:08 & 5:27.
Well Krisy just google Twilight/Egypt and you might find Apotamkin, I have a mix of Twilight and Egyptology or at least I'm trying:)

Happy Halloween!!

Although the majority of Egyptians have no idea what's Halloween in the first place:) yet a communal act of exorcism is universal and probably very effective too ;) a traditional form of Halloween in Egypt would be called Zaar they keep going in circles and pounding drums to cast away evil spirits but that's no longer done. All the vampires and demons have gone vegitarian lol!
Happy Halloween
Rob, Kris & the usuals :)
On a personal note: Just sent my son to school as Edward Cullen, I'm shamless:/ but the good thing he loved the idea! he took along a red apple too! can't wait to hear about reactions!

Apotamkin Celebrating One Month Online!

Special thanks to all of the twilight fans who befriended Apotamkin of Egypt and helped it move up the rank of top Twilight blogs within the past month, freaky Apotamkin turns one month on Halloween that's creepy :D

Sands of love and Pyramids of Kisses 

(by the way, I'm not the Laaaaaammmmiiiiaaaa from Drag Me to Hell she is a gypsy I'm Egyptian ;P)
Original image via twilighteranonymous :) 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Spoilers Please!

Spoilers are all over the net :( I have decided not to post any newly leaked scenes from New Moon! That makes two when it comes to Apotamkine's code of posts. No post of Rob or Kristen being mobbed wherever they go. No New Moon spoilers only officially released footage. I know this might make it less exciting for some but I'm sure it will pay off later. Some privacy for Robsten, full enjoyment of a great movie!

New Zeland Herald Interview with Rob

"I had three days off between Remember Me and Eclipse and then I've had to start learning Comanche and bareback riding for Unbound Captives. I don't only want to do the same part. I'm doing Bel Ami, based on the Guy de Maupassant novel in January as well, and I don't really know how I'm going to fit that in. I have to gain weight – but I don't think they'll let me put on much as I have to shoot the final Twilight movie afterwards. I have to look older, as the character Georges Duroy has been living hard for a good six years just getting drunk all the time. So I want to look a bit haggard."

I love this! Read the rest here via Eyes of Amber

Robsten on the Go!

Excuse-less post

New Moon CGI

Just WOW!
Amazing CGI for the wolf pack in New Moon. We will have a blast of action packed time in a few weeks. Just feel the need to dip my head in the nearest freezer till then, just like Arthur. Chill!
MSN Sizzle Reel via Robsessed

Sweet sweet Chemistry

Apotamkin is in love with those two, the chemistry, the personality, every thing and I'm sure you too if you are watching this right now!

annabelle1898 & CaliNative70

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Peter, Nikki & Kellan talk New Moon-Eclipse

It's always nice to get a clear footage of the Twilight cast instead of the usual living room-TV- sideways shoots:) right? This is a Comic Con cast interview with Peter, Nikki & Kellan talking about the differences between their parts in all sequels. I guess they'll just sit back and look pretty in New Moon!

Stewart Shining's Rob in HQ

Thanks to Robert Pattinson Australia we have this pic in HQ, upon their request not touch the pic or edit or anything, I kind of felt the message is for me :) blush, sorry! we can only use Robsessed's advice to (c)lick and save :D and post!

Songs by Kris & Rob

OK, Kristen did this one song in Into the Wild and I think she can pull off a good performance possibly using her singing voice in her coming hit as The Runaways' lead singer Joan Jett. We also know that Rob gave her a guitar for her 18th birthday so I guess she & Rob are Rocking their hotel room lol! The thing that really bugs me is that we have to put up with lousy singers and tuneless music while a real talent like Rob thinks making his own album is a back up plan if he decides he no longer likes acting. To Rob a recording is somehow similar to coming into the market with his own signature perfume to catch up on some cash while he is famous! an approach that every celebrity does, but not Rob! What a waste!!
Broken is the song, the guitar & voice is just awesome!
vid by sioph

Kristen in Yellow

When Kristen dares to wear some color other than her favorite black or white attires, she actually dazzles and shines. In sunny yellow, Kristen posed for The Yellow Handkerchief & Adventureland promo shoots. Here are some!

The Cullens. New Moon

Some New Moon Cullen hotness!

What Should Rob Wear on Halloween?

Imagine that! I picked my favorite Rob Halloween costumes:) Celebuzz posted 18 manips of suggested costumes for Rob to wear on Halloween! they are helarious!! check them out here!

via Rpattzdaily

Monday, October 26, 2009

All I Need!

It's not just that I'm crazy about One Republic and All I Need and the rest of this unbelievably great album but this video was one of the very early ones I watched at the early stages of my Twilight addiction syndromes and for a while I couldn't find it but here it is at last!! It's a favorite!

By diandravideos

Rob with Fans!

Gracias MrPattinsonworld! lovely Rob with fans video:) Some where out there the good old fans will have their moments with their beloved vamp!

More HQ Vanity Fair Sugar!

Pushing it a little bit further with more HQ Vanity Fair sugar! more won't ever be enough! Oops! I touched them with fog!

New Rob Pix. Sunday Time Magazine

The goodies keep surfacing! from Twifans via Rob & Kristen Lovers

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Robby on Tour. Refresh!

Yah! I know it's video frenzy in here! this is one of Rob's coolest interviews when he was on the road for Twilight promos a year ago. Well, history is certainly repeating itself in a few weeks! hope Rpattz keeps his cool & not lose patience and most important goofiness! for the mayhem is about to begin:)

Dubai. New Moon Premier November 26th

While the fans are marking their calendars to organize their Twilight Camping gear and merchandise to start the pilgrimage for New Moon premieres & for a glimpse of Rob and Kristen on their promotional tours, I sit alone blogging about ways of dealing with the feeling of being deprived and left out as an unfortunate mega Twilight fan with absolutely no support or a twilight community of any size with whom I could share the pain of not being a citizen of that part of the world or the likes of it (i.e. a country blessed with a potential visit by the cast!). My only condolence is the visitor counter which indicates that actually people do pass by me! guess what New Moon premiers here in Dubai on the 26th of November that's A WHOLE WEEK after the actual date of release!! How can I survive the wait and the knowledge that others actually watched it, not once but at least once a day! and I have to sit and read about it!! HELP!

The Vampire Assisstant. Clevver TV Review

A new vampire movie is coming our way. The thirst for blood is intense isn't it? Cirque de Freak. The Vampire's Assistant is vamping up the silver screen in theaters soon. Here is Clevver TV's review & promo. Looks good!!

New Moon Behind The Scenes. Montepulciano

Once these are out they are out! fans won't stop at a few minutes of any Saga related video.Yes, they get pulled out after a few hours but they soon resurface, it's a hard chase! Can't defeat twilight fans; they are relentless :D here is the New Moon behind the scenes movie from Rome Film festival 2009 that got pulled off two days ago! sheer excietment!

The Ultimate Twilight!

A beautiful blend of Twilight & New Moon footage by smvgrey74. Apotamkin likes, Apotamkin shares :)

Apotamkin Feast!

As you probably know by now feast is Apotamkin's celebration of beautiful captures, we Egyptians are fond of Art and scripture, forgive me it can not be helped:)

original scan Total Film Magazine via Robert & kristen Lovers

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fan made Goodness!

angieswenson, robstenwellwisher, twifan, twiaddicts sourcing googled images is a tease when you find such lovely fan made goodness!! sorry if I missed sourcing any one!I love twilight inspired manips, hope you like those too:)
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