Thursday, December 31, 2009

Billy Burke talks to GMTV in London

Another significant cast member spending the holidays in London. Well, Charlie you should have brought Bella! Billy Burke took his Brit wife and baby girl to spend the holidays in England!

via eyesofamber

Rob. Live Singing "Broken"

I have heard Rob's Broken in terrible quality before but I found this clear audible version. If you love Rob's singing you will definitely enjoy this!

New Moon Set Interview with Rob & Kristen

Just found those HQ interviews of Rob and Kris in character! It seems it was done on set in Italy... Don't you miss those two? I do:)

Release Dates for Eclipse!

Eclipse's release dates are out and Egypt is mentioned yey!! thanks to thinkingofrob for the good news :)

Argentina 30 June 2010

Brazil 30 June 2010

Egypt 30 June 2010

Fin­land 2 July 2010

Ger­many 15 July 2010

Kaza­khstan 30 June 2010

Nether­lands 1 July 2010

New Zealand 1 July 2010

Nor­way 2 July 2010

Swe­den 30 June 2010

Turkey 2 July 2010

UK 9 July 2010

USA 30 June 2010

mytwilife via thinkingofrob

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009. A Year of Robsten!

Bye Bye 2009! A year of Robsten, a lovely way to let go of this year:) sad though! who knows maybe Kristen will fly to be with Rob tomorrow night that should take away the sad face, I think! Back in the old days love wasn't so rational, it used to be an act of defiance. Two against all! so guys stop torturing yourselves!!

Enough of the psycho analysis for now, lol! video by patty13mai

Rob. Franco Origlia Photoshoot in Rome

Two rare pix of Rob's shoot in Rome. Oldie but goodie!

via robertpattinsonaustralia

New Promo Pix!

Where are these coming from?! new promo pix are popping to help with the drought:) Rob was out with his family, I should focus more when I make my wishes :D ( check yesterday's post), hope Kristen is ok too! I'm starting to have a bad feeling about those two or may be they are taking a healthy break :/

Well, I don't know why Bella's pic is cut off so I had to improvise and dissect Edward too:)

images via rpatzz daily and twifans

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HQ Rob & Kris Pic

I can't find a single reason why would this lovely pic be considered an outtake! How I miss Rob and Kristen. Rob, Kris would you make an appearance, say something, you are killing us in here! :D

via robsessed

TV Guide Interview with Billy Burke!

Billy Burke became a Dad, enjoyed working with various directors and is having a new project on the way check it out!

TV Guide interview with Billy Burke via twilightguide

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Teen Vogue Interview with the Twilight Cast!

After some aimless digging for youtube vids, I finally found this old Teen Vogue interview with the Twilight cast, enjoy! It's great to go back to that period of open air and warm sunshine:)

New Bella Pic!

Lovely Bella Pic from Montepulciano. I couldn't resist making my own manip!

original via twifans!

Harper's Bazaar Outtakes

Some Harper's Bazaar outtakes! it's hard to tell if we have missed those but here is the lot.
via pattinsononline

Apotamkin Jokes!

In the mood for a lame joke? Here are two:)

How to Be. French DVD Cover

Gr8 DVD cover, the french version of How to be is highly artistic.

A pose worthy of an Apotamkin gift!

via rpattzdaily

New EW HQ Pic!

2009 Best Rob Recaps

thinking of Rob posted great Rob 2009 recaps! check here and here.

Twilight. Blast Mag Scans

Well, I picked those caps of Rob and Kris from Blast Magazine scans via spunkransom.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Into the Wild. Kristen's TF Portraits

Blond Kstew isn't a common sight! recycling some Into the wild Portraits from her Toronto festival shoot 2007... more at source

Spain. Fan Event Q&A

via pattinson on line, new Q & A from new moon's fan event in Spain. As you know I'm still in Cairo
for the holidays and the net is incredibly slow for me to watch before posting so I can only wish they
turn to be interesting and clear, I hate it when vids and images are blurred :/

Madrid. Rob and Kris Interview

I think I haven't seen these interviews before and since our options are not grand I can't complain:) oh, questions are in Spanish of course, but again ... who caaares!

Kristen. More Interview Mag Outtakes

Beautiful outtakes of Kristen's Interview mag shoots. can we get enough of these gorgeous green eyes?


New Remember Me Stills

Two Remember Me stills! via FB & thinkingofrob...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some Twilight Christmas Wishes

Merry Twilight wishes for Christmas & the coming new year!
(too sleepy for proper structure sorry:))

google images

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby Rob on Ellen

Thanx to twifans, finally I put my hands on a photo that first appeared on Ellen's latest interview with Rob. Baby Rob pic can only provoke a double pinch to those cheeks that some how evolved into the current jaw line:) A good excuse to recycle Ellen's interview!

Kristen. New EW Outtake!

Another gorgeous Kstew pic! EW shoot has more goodies to share!

via twifans!

Fan Video. To Lose to Find

Just another fan video for your waiting pleasure lol! The waiting is far from over at least for me! I can't tell you how slow is my connection! They should have a little Oscar for the likes of us, Gosh!
Anyways, found a lovely new moon vid by diandra!

New EW Outtake!

New Trio outtake from EW mag! I actually like Kristen's bragging look:) I don't think Taylor and Rob moved an inch:) I guess Kstew was fidgety as usual lol"!

via twifans

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rachael Ray gets Alex Meraz

Rachael Ray interviews Alex Meraz! Boosting our love for the wolf pack:) Did you know Alex is married and has a baby boy?!

Kristen. Interview Magazine Outtakes

Some gorgeous outtakes of Kristen's Interview magazine shoot. via
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