Monday, June 28, 2010

14 Year Old Twi-hard Interviews Rob!

OK:) This is what happens when a Twilight fan interviews Rob! Major Lolz :D


jaygeeem said...

Oh my-- LOL. But she was so cute. She obviously was dazzled by Rob-- to the point of speechlessness! LOL

But I can't wait to see the film-- the part after Bella kisses Jake and Edward FORGIVES her. OH my!! Can't wait.

It is just a few days now, Apotamkin. And you get to go to a big city premier. I wonder what surprises they will have for you!!


Apotamkin said...

lol! love the way Rob looks at her before she leaves it is so funny!

jaygeeem said...

She is simply dazzled-- and speechless. It IS funny. Poor Rob. He's such a gentleman, and with some of the stuff he has to be subjected to. In a way, it has to be a bit embarrassing for him-- what can he say? LOL.


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