Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Rob Pix. Edited!

I couldn't mess up with those unique shots of Rob more because some editing tools aren't functioning! but I had to apologize for my absence with some brush magic and here it is some Rob highlights:)


jaygeeem said...

Oh yeah-- he's popping out of my screen here! Niiice!!


jaygeeem said...


Would you- please-- pretty please--work your magic on that Kristen shot below where she's in the green sweater and sunglasses? I just love that shot and I would love to see you work it. No hurry-- but that one deserves a repeat on here. It is a beauty.


woobie_71 said...

Woooo what a comeback! I am so happy you're back and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this Rob! Sigh

jaygeeem said...

Woobie!! You are so cute! Don't you just love the Rob pics though?



Apotamkin said...

WOOBIE! hey girl! how r u? u r sooo missed! glad u love the come back posts:)

Jan will work on it looks like one can replace that rest with Rob's chest or something lol! will work on it for u :)

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