Monday, June 14, 2010

Today Show Interview with Rob!

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If I was the daughter of an ex US president I would definitely seize the opportunity to interview Rob! Smart Jenna:)
One of the best interviews with Rob so far:) enjoy!

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woobie_71 said...

I know he's talking about taking Kristen on a date without having to hide from paps. A lot of people will view this out of a different perspective and blow it out of proportion, as the headline suggests. Or he means that he's just so busy there's no time to date. Either way we truely appreciate the sacrifice he's making until Breaking Dawn is done... then we'll alow him to take a vacation ( maybe on Isle Esme ).

Apotamkin said...

lol! sneaky Rob and Kristen are getting better with words that are inclusive mmm..better view it the way u have explained it woobie otherwise he will be lying and he doesn't strike me as one..

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