Friday, June 18, 2010

Kristen in Rome!

Lovely pix of Kristen in Rome! Beautiful :)
(couldn't sleep with those out will post a few and zzzzzzz!)


jaygeeem said...

She looks great here too. I notice she's still wearing that necklace. It must be a gift from someone special-- hmm. . . maybe? Do you think?


woobie_71 said...

R.O.B. totally makes sense. I love the simplicity of the charm. Even if it isn't what we think it is. I always favor the clean cut, simple and less colorful style. Color yes just not too many all together. So when it comes to her outfit, I prefer this dress to the one above. Orchid or not , it would drive me crazy to have all that extra fabric bunched up in the front of a dress. But honestly, it doesn't matter what she is wearing, she just radiates beauty.

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