Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kristen on George Lopez!

I love how Kristen is being herself on Lopez's show. It's one of her rare moments when she is not stressed; going bare-foot and juggling that's our Kstew! :)

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jaygeeem said...

Oh my, I tried to comment and it just did one of those 404 errors. Rats.

The videos were interesting and enjoyed seeing Billy and Julia. I really love Billy. His singing is awesome and his new CD is on the way to my house!

Apotamkin has seen Eclipse by now and I can't wait for her to dish on the movie. I have been reading spoilers all over the internet and nothing is going to spoil Eclipse for me.


Apotamkin said...

thanx Jan it happens to me too sometimes i comment early in the morning from work and come back home late thinking i replied to your posts but i find nothing is posted and no errors even show! thanx sweetie don't exhaust yourself or be rushed all what matters to me is that you are ok, i know you will be here when u can:)
i will probably be doing all sors of typos because the spelling checker isn't working don't know why so i hope u could understand what i mean when i write things the way i say them lol!
Bella, Edward, Jacob delivered an outstanding performance. Jasper and Charlie were specially awesome!
tell me what parts u want to talk about or if yo have particular concerns I would find it easier to focus on it because I completely blown away by how great it was!

jaygeeem said...

It happened again last night- My comment wouldn't post. I was really excited to see your comment on Eclipse. I just knew that movie was going to be the best and it was just awesome seeing your opinion that it was.

Still don't know when I am going-- it will be a spontaneous thing for me. I am not so crazy now that I know it is just a matter of my deciding when I go! I know. . . that is still a little nuts, but oh well! LOL


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