Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rob's hands: The Rob/ Hayley Interview

One of Rob's most adored interviews with Decode's Hayley Williams, Paramore's lead singer. Check out what Rob has to say about his hands, my space & vegi burgers! Apotamkins are now going vegi. enjoy!-L.

No Robsten Mobbing on Apotamkin

The inscription is a sacred vow not to post any images of Rob or Kristen or Robsten being mobbed. The young couple need their privacy and breathing space. Being a fellow cold one, Apotamkin respects their needs and loves them so much to take part in that. Apotamkin is different from others of our kind. We only hunt for the sunny, sizzling fun moments!


Hey! fellow Apotamkins! in case you are wondering why we have Bella on our header; the answer is because she is the mother of all Apotamkins! check Breaking Dawn;)
And in case you are wondering why images are super large; the answer is to get the feel of some Egyptian vulgarity :D
I gave you some answers ...
because I can't stay away from you any more ... oh that scene, thud!


Robert on Tyra: Never Bored...

Do you ever get enough of thee interviews those good old days are gone. Enjoy the biting interview, me never bored of it.

Bite me Edward

To set the mood for our blog we are all in a desperate need for a bite!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Check us out on Twilight!

Marc Anthony - The Robsten Condition

I couldn't help thinking about Rob & Kristen and the fabricated news surrounding Rob.Their love has got to be strong. It's all about trust. love the song:)


Touched by Twilight

Apotamkin of Egypt

Hey Everybody this blog is under construction hope I could manage both as quick as I hope. As an Egyptian Apotamkin I should show the Cullens some support :)
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