Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Breaking Dawn Still

Just spotted this new still of Bella and the Swans getting ready for the wedding, I love the idea of having all these details in the movie and the violet tones:) via the twilight saga official facebook page..

RobSten Videos for twi- souls

has the best RobSten channel for fan videos, I picked those two for us to lift up the RobSten meter in our droughty systems :) enjoy!


Great Edward Gif!

A great gif of Edward throughout the series - via twifans. No need to bother you that I love Edward in Twilight the most:)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kristen for W mag - Apotamkin Wallpaper

Well, I edited out Kstew's finger and reconstructed her mouth, jaw, hair and added some effects for a gift wallpaper! hope you like it .. mouah:)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kristen - Untagged and colored W Mag Outtake

Spotted this gorgeous outtake at twifans now in color and untagged, beautiful Kristen Stewart for W mag cover shoot:)

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Are you afraid" of Ghost Rider?

Are you Twilight sensitive? does your head turn suddenly at echoes of twilight? Apotamkin is:) I couldn't ignore the "I'm not afraid of you" line on the new Ghost Rider trailer... it could be an apple, a vampire or a twilight line in ads or movies, that means something but only to the Cold ones, if u find one share it with me:)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Full Teemix Twilight Interview with Kristen

I'm glad I found the full Teemix interview with Kristen too, it will certainly fill a void tonight, I always enjoy blasts from the past and hope you do too :)

Full Teemix Twilight Interview with Rob

going back for some twilight classics and revisiting Rob's interview for Teemix and one that I will try to find for Kstew:)

Kristen's Look for W Mag Tutorial

We all dig Kstew's gorgeous look for W mag, at least some ladies in their mid thirties including myself are for sure going to give it a try:) here is a cool tutorial for the profound eye makeup and pale lips:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Speed Paint - Twilight Poster

You know how much I love me some digital art and specially when it's a Twilight + Evanescence :)


Fan Pix of RobSten at Comic - Con

In draughty times we can't be more grateful with fan donations :) borrowed some RobSten Comic Con pix via Robsessed...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

More New Breaking Dawn Stills

I think Summit is really testing our endurance with these lovely shots.. well we have been defeated flat Summit! we can't wait and I'm personally going nuts waiting :D

TV Movie Germany Interview with Rob and Kristen

Our pretties miss the completed Saga! check out their interview with TV Movie (Germany) what can we say "every thing that has a beginning has an end" says the Oracle :)

"The end was a shock for us"
Romantic, hot - and painful! In this way, the "Twilight" stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson experienced the final of the vampire saga.

TV Movie: Finally! The wedding bells are ringing for Hollywood's dream couple. For now, though, only in cinemas: In the first part of the "Twilight" showdown (part 2 starts in 2012) Kristen as a beautiful mortal, and Rob as a sexy vampire pledge their troth either to other. And: For the first time there are some really hot bed scenes! We met the young stars for an interview at San Diego's ComicCon.

TV Movie: Be honest: Was the film sex difficult for you?
Rob: Oh yes! I felt really uncomfortable.

TV Movie: Too many people on set?
Rob: No, a fear had rather something to do with Taylor and his fantastic body. Jacob, as a werwolf, has bared all already in the last two films. And to be honest, I can't keep up with him.

TV Movie: The fans will be pleased with the new passion nevertheless...
Kristen: After for year it's about time! (laughs)
Rob: They're very emotional scenes. For the first time I felt like a human, not like a vampire.

TV Movie: What do you think of Bella's wedding dress?
Kristen: I love it! It's old fashioned, though, but that's exactly what I like.

TV Movie: Would you wear such a dress on your own wedding?
Kristen: No, no. But it fits for Bella, and that's most important.

TV Movie: Do you believe in marriage?
Kristen: I like the thought of two people staying together for the rest of their lives. For me, however, this doesn't need to be sealed with signatures.

TV Movie: How would you describe the first part of "Breaking Dawn"?
Kristen: Mature is the right word. This time it's not about fighting, but the fact that we start a family.

TV Movie: The film is also very dark...
Kristen: That's right. Bella keeps saying that she would die for a life with Edward. In the movie she shows how seriously she takes it.

TV Movie: Is Edward the great hero like everyone thinks?
Rob: For me he's never been the great hero. Edward isn't interested in the rest of the world at all. Just at the end.

TV Movie: With the birth of his vampire daughter...
Rob: Exactly. The moment when the baby comes into world, he no longer thinks only of himself.

TV Movie: Part 2 is filmed already, the Twilight saga is over. What does it feel like?
Rob: I'm a bit paranoid and think after every film "That was my last one..."

TV Movie: What will you miss the most?
Kristen: I've been living in a different world for 4 years and I really liked it there (laughs). I'll miss everything.
Rob: Same for me. Especially the last day was a shock. I've never wanted to think about the end, and then it was suddenly there. Now we have to live with it.

via twifans

Friday, August 19, 2011

HQ New Breaking Dawn Stills

breaking dawn stills from EW are now released untagged and in high quality view them all here, I love ecstatic Bella, she earned it :))

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Apotamkin Face in Hole with Rob and Kristen

Being a major obsessor I don't find it embarrassing to share with you Apotamkin craziness in all forms. besides most of you don't live in my neighborhood so no finger pointing or feared whispers :) I confess I paid a visit to FACEinHOLE.com again:)  

Eye Color Fuss?

It seems the Twi fandom is creating a fuss about the wrong eye color of Edward and Bella on the cover of EW:) well, what struck me was not that at all! it was simply the look of horror on their face our pretty honeymooners :) so I thought I should spill Apotamkin's bucket on this too lol! The only reason those two look terrified is because they weren't in character! and their natural beautiful eye color is their to prove it:) or I like to think so ... u know me: D

Full Length breaking dawn Poster Revealed

Now we can see the long legs of the pretties with the full length new breaking dawn movie poster:)) we can only be grateful for all sorts of Twilight extensions till November :D

Forever I'm Yours - Fan Video

I found us one cool Ed & Bells vid to shew on until the rumored HQ clips of Breaking Dawn shown on Comic Con are released:) by

Monday, August 15, 2011

Breaking Dawn Score Preview

I thought about searching YouTube for breaking dawn score and this is what I found, I'm not sure if this is the thing but Summit went back to Carter Burwell's theme which is awesome!

Fan made - Edward & Bella Anniversary

Did I miss telling Edward and Bella happy anniversary? Yes:( I'm a couple of days late! Well, I thought we might celebrate Egyptian style:) I found this fan video with a popular song mostly played at weddings and dance clubs in Egypt. "Aslaha betefre'a" (It makes a difference) by Amr Diab. The lyrics tell how destiny made this one girl special to the singer, proper for Twilight, huh?  I would love to hear your reactions!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two more Edited Pix - Kristen for W Mag

I have edited these two beautiful shots from Kristen's shoot for W mag.. I colored the first flipped and worked some effects on the second (it looks more like Kstew than the original, doesn't it?)

Apotamkin Gift - Vampire Bella Inspired by W Mag cover!

I couldn't go to bed before working on Kstew's W cover shoot and create on special Apotamkin gift for you my friends:) I can't help thinking if this would be the look they would give vampire Bella, do you think??

Kristen Stewart Shoot with W Mag and Cover Preview!

Could Kristen get any hotter? apparently she could! and with this we could only dream of how gorgeous a vampire she'll make:) the most gorgeous Kstew shoot by far for W mag!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kristen Interview with W mag!

Great interview with Kristen for W mag, the pretty talks breaking dawn scenes and childhood and career:)

Breaking Dawn Edited Stills - EW Scans

I have tried to edit out the text from the new breaking dawn scans from EW movie preview issue, this is the best job I could do :) view full scans @source

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Old/ New RobSten Pix from Eclipse Premier After Party

On the hunt for unfamiliar twilight material:)) so here are some HQs of Rob and Kristen at Eclipse premier after party:) view more

Monday, August 8, 2011

Rob Backstage with Felton and Grint!

Rob backstage with Harry Potter stars and fellow Brits Tom Felton and Rupert Grint..

Rob at TCA 2011 Slideshow!

I made you this slideshow of some of Rob's pix at Teen Choice Awards. view more photos @rpattzdaily

HQ Rpattz wins Choice Movie actor Drama and Choice Vampire!

Congratulations Rob for winning Choice Vampire and Choice actor Drama, no one else could have got it dear:))

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some Cool RobSten Gifs

I stumbled on a cool site for twilight gifs and picked a mix that I loved :)) check out the link here
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