Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rob will Propose with a Prenup!

Any objections to Rob's terms for a proposal ladies? I mean Kristen? I say, take him! probably it will say "forever!"




woobie_71 said...

It wouldn't really matter how he proposes. Hanging upside down like Spiderman, kneeling, standing on his tiptoes or even sitting on the floor...who cares, right? The answer would definately be YES!!!

jaygeeem said...

Would you sign a prenup? Amazingly, there are still lots of women who wouldn't sign one. Of course if he proposed to Kristen, she'd probably ask him to sign one too. LOL


woobie_71 said...

Sometimes I think a prenup could be a good thing. Less fighting when it turnes out that it didn't work. Everything is allready in place and figured out. Totally kills the romance but hey, sometimes it's better to wake up and smell the coffee. Just the thought about waking up next to... prenup is fine.

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