Monday, June 7, 2010

Winning Best Kiss at MTV Movie Awards!

As Romantic as Ever, the on screen couple Edward & Bella win Best kiss second year in a row at MTV Movie Awards!
can't wait to see the vids!



woobie_71 said...

Had I known, that you are going to have the best pictures from last nights movie awards, already posted this morning!
The MTV awards show was a big ol' disappointment. Seriously the whole theme it was based on, just awefull. I literaly had to endure the time watching, just because I had to see Robsten. It was worth it though, they were so cute!
Congratulations to both for winning EVERYTHING!

And the kiss thing... all the awkward attempts were planed by the both of them, but the kiss right at the end when Rob grabbed her, (sigh!)she hadn't expected that, right? That was so awesome! And here you already present it to us in HQ still warm... I love you

Apotamkin said...

Love u too woobie thanx sweetie :) where are u Jan? hope all is ok! we usually have a recording of the event a week later so silly to wait and every single video doesn't play for our region! it is humiliating! I'm so happy they won the comic sketch with ROb and Taylor was so funny managed to see it before it was removed.
I jumped out of bed this mrning to check on the event and posted those two posts before going to work so that I'm not completely late for the posts. I was lucky to find good stuff at source blogs:)

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