Sunday, January 31, 2010

Anticipated Romances

More anticipated romances will simultaneously hit theaters along with Remember Me. Would you be distracted from your target movie? check out Dear John, The Last Song & Valentines Day! A great dose of Romance is ahead...!

Believe Again.New Robsten Fan Video

On my tireless search for Robsten fan vids, I finally stumbled on a lovely one by HoneyBuzy:) It's one of the best I have seen so far, enjoy!

Great Manip of Rob & Kristen as Kids

Isn't this one of mayhemonte's greatest manips?! Well those two are really meant to be:)


Rob and Kristen with Little Bella Pix

Those photos are as old as Twilight! Rob and Kristen snapped shots with Catherine Grimme, the little girl who played Bella as a kid. They all look so cute:)


Just Robsten!

I found this old manip @atwilightkiss had to use it for a special Robsten post! I wonder where the beloved couple are...

IndieWire Interview with Kristen and Dakota

This is so funny! the girls are short tempered, I mean Kristen, Dakota is nervous and they both look at the interviewer and camera as if it's going to jump them any second, lol! I got to say that was a weird angle but they must have got used to weird by now:P Well, it's a detailed interview, I like it!

Edward & Bella. Twilight Promotional Pix

I can't find a comment, love them too much for words:)

via photobucket

Edward. Twilight Promptional Pix

... and the Edward we miss :)

Bella. Twilight Promotional Pix

I really wanted to revisit Twilight so I'm doing a few posts on the best of Twilight promo pix and I'm starting with my girl Bella:)

Rob. Outtakes of Matt Syles Shoot

Strange enough, to help twifans survive the drought more outtakes are popping! These are some from 2008 Rob shoot with Matt Syles. I haven't seen the close up portraits before, good!

via lunanuevameyer

Lose The Golden Contacts

I'm only posting those could-have-been-great-cards -if- it-wasn't -for- the -horrible- contacts pix. Is someone doing something about the contact lenses in Eclipse? It's not only a torture for the actors but also not the attractive look we are expecting. I can clearly see each pupil gazing at different directions!! Those imperfect contacts are not for our perfect vamps, somebody do something !

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rob. More Outtakes from New Moon Press Conference

Outtakes of Rob from New Moon press conference were also released, I selected those and there is a load @source.

Fan made Remember Me Video

I love this Remember me video by Natalia/ lostimortal2, great choice music:)

Remember me Excuse-less Post

I found this capture of Rob on the set of Remember Me and was inspired to use some effects on it, hope you like them:)

original via robmyworld

New Moon Spoof by James @War

Funny spoof/mix of new moon and boom boom pow!


Kstew. More Outtakes from NM Press Conference

Great outtakes of New Moon Press Conference shoot of Kstew! This looks like it was taken inside an Egyptian home! there are tons of pics at kstewartfans

via Twilightish

2nd Ask Rob Video

This is the second Ask Rob video released by Remember Me page on facebook, soo short! Hope they release bigger chunks those little bites are really annoying :/

source via source

Vanity Fair Group Shoot with Kstew on ET

ET featured a new Vanity Fair group shoot with Kristen. You can view more caps @ kristenstewartcentral.

vid via team-twilight

Rob in New Remember Me Promo Pic

A New Remember Me promo pic was released! This means the coming month will witness more of these and that's the first sign the drought is almost over:)
I enhanced the colors a little and added the frame, a mini celebration:)

via robsessed

Friday, January 29, 2010

First Look at "Ask Rob" Promo

Remember the Ask Rob promo via Remember Me on Facebook? Well this is an initial video that was released with more to follow.

caps and video via thinking of rob

Rob in a Flow of EW Outtakes!

An aggressive vibe from Rob is a major change! ... to prepare us for Eclipse perhaps? those are more EW outtakes that I missed...special thanx to whoever is responsible for a drought free day:)


Trio Outtakes from EW Shoot

More Trio outtakes too! Guys is there a special occasion that I'm unaware of? What an awesome surprise:)


Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Outtakes of Rob from EW!

... and I thought I was done with the blog for the night :) more Rob outtakes are out for the third time today! enjoy! source

More Rob Outtakes from EW!!

:D and the EW outtakes are pouring!! More Rob outtakes on the same day! via twifans:)

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