Thursday, May 13, 2010



I wish you Happiness, Fulfillment and Success as you brought them to mine:)

This wallpaper is a special Apotamkin-made-gift to Rob on his 24th Bday:)


jaygeeem said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

Only 24? Oh to be that young again!! LOL.


Apotamkin said...

that pic and idea popped right in time because i was waiting to be inspired by a special gift for Robby. lol! yes he is like a little brother or a big son to me! He is a blend of members in my family really! very familiar and lovable God bless him and hope he gets to have a wonderful Bday. I wonder if they ever stumble on my blog, sigh:)

Anonymous said...

You never know if they do stumble in here to see what you've done. If they haven't already, I wouldn't be surprised if they will come across it sometime.

You so cleverly chose such a great name that is sort of central in the movie. That is how I found you. Once I did, I simply couldn't stay away. You really do a very classy and tasteful job of covering all things Twilight.

This blog really should be seen by anyone and everyone who loves Twilight.

I am really hoping that one of them would come in here and see what I see.


Apotamkin said...

this is the sweetest thing that someone has ever told me about my blog:) I have actually immediately related to Apotamkin and the reference to Egypt in the film and it clicked! and believe me I have absolutely zero support when it comes to Twilight I'm the single crazy Egyptian woman who went nuts over it! I thought so too if people google Apotamkin like Bella they would find me:) I'm glad you are valid proof that theory worked! Can't thank you enough for your support and motivating comments:) lots of love:)

Anonymous said...

So you don't have others around who are Twilight fanatics?? Oh, how did you ever discover Twilight? That has got to be an interesting story. How did you hear about it?

Here in the US, of course, you have to be dead and buried for several years to not have heard of Twilight. I really didn't know anything about it until right before the first movie came out, but it. My hairdresser was talking about it and I thought it sounded rather crazy and just forgot about it until March 2009. My daughter who never read much at all had a friend tell her to get the book and read it.

Well, she kept telling me that it was so good and that I should read it-- that I would really like it. I just pooh poohed her because I just couldn't imagine I would. Well, I finally took the Twilight book and just started reading it to see if it looked like it was any good. I remember reading about Bella's first sighting of the Cullens in the school cafeteria and I said to my daughter, "What the heck? There are vampires sitting in the school cafeteria!!"

Well, I had never read anything but stuff about the evil traditional type vampires and I was curious to see how this story was going to treat vampires-- who were actually around humans everyday and never killed them. Of course, once I started reading I just couldn't get enough and I just cruised through the books. It was so romantic and it is so reminiscent of first love-- I could so totally relate. I actually caught up with my daughter and couldn't wait for her to finish Eclipse and went to Walmart and bought my own copy!!

I not only read them all once, but I have read them again and again. I just got done reading them twice again when I got the New Moon DVD. I just can't get enough of the story. I just have to laugh because this really is my guilty pleasure now. I never would have predicted my obsession. It is so unlike me!

So I constantly search for different Twilight related things. Of course, I copied Bella's search and I found your blog. You REALLY are quite a clever Egyptian woman, Apotamkin. I was so taken with how you just took a clue right from the book and ran with it-- BIG TIME!

I really think you are one of the secret delights on the internet for Twilight lovers. As more people find you, you will become more and more popular. I can not tell you enough just what a great job you are doing.

And it really is fun to be communicating with Apotamkin-- who would've thought? LOL.


Apotamkin said...

Oh my!wow Jan! How to begin? I've always been a movie addict checking top movies frequently ever since I was a teen in the 80s till now plus I have an MA from Cairo University in American literature (in Toni Morrison's Novels)by the time Twilight hit the theaters in Cairo I have already watched clips and read tons of reviews but the books were no were to be found. so I asked a relative coming from london to bring me the 1st book and I was immediately hooked to the novelty of the story the style of Meyer and its unprecedented characters. Me and the twilight book were inseparable, at work in the bathroom any where until I finished it, I was dying to read the rest of the books I was lucky enough to find a small book store that orders the books so they shipped me eclipse and Breaking dawn but new moon was not available. once the books hit the market they were out of stock of course. I didn't want to spoil the read by skipping a book luckily enough a friend directed me to another book store that could deliver it to my work and I immediately made the call and went home victorious! I guess my family and students at school thought I must have gone crazy because I have had the books under my arm one after the other, reading in recess, free time, visiting family literally every where:) eventually I became plastered to the internet and followed every twilight blog I found until I met a Philipina on facebook and we decided to channel our twilight fascination by blogging we founded together a blog we called Robstenation but after a month of hard work she decided I'm not a blogger and she had big plans for the blog and wished to continue alone and I backed off! As much as I was disappointed the idea of Apotamkin was developing in my head and I thought it would be very specific to me as an Egyptian. I taught my self all blogging skills in a week or so and decided to go for it and I have been blogging since end of last September. I don't know if you have checked my earliest posts at the very beginning. If u ever have the time you could always check my archives u would be able to trace my progress:)I'm a proud self-made twilighter lol!

jaygeeem said...

You are awesome and you should be proud of yourself. What is your native language? I am sure it can not be English, yet you have a wonderful command of the language.

I admire you mightily from afar-- I barely have command of one language so I am awed by you as you are so aptly able to communicate in another language so wonderfully-- and with a very cool blog, no less!

Your love of English literature is another admirable trait. That desire led you to Twilight and you count yourself among very few in the UAE. Wow! You are so impressive- and I am impressed. And believe me, I am not SO easily impressed-- you do stand out, my dear!

Well, it is quite fascinating getting to know you.

Also, you are a native of Egypt-- such an interesting culture and history. I love all things Egyptian-- my son was obsessed with Egyptian history and so through him, I grew to love to read about your wonderful history and artifacts. The pyramids-- what more can I say??



Apotamkin said...

:D My native language is Arabic! hope this is not shocking:) and I owe my command of English to my late grand mother and my interest in film and literature but I was educated in Arabic and English was my 2nd language! I value your opinion so dearly Jan truly:) I'm hardly in contact with people who really know me by the way u could access my personal blog which I have neglected for a few months due to starting working and updating my twilight blog but will get back to it too soon, just click at my pic down by blog manager on my left margin, you will get to know more about me and my interests, I hope one day I would publish my own novel:) I'm Writing it right now but it's barely 36 pages. would definitely share it with you once it is substantial :) As for Egyptology I'm fascinated by it as well I look a lot like Nefertiti lol my grand pa used to tell me:) well the ancient G force brought me to Apotamkin which is great!
c u sweetie:)

jaygeeem said...

I am amazed that your native language is Arabic. You had to learn a separate script to read English. Wow-- that is double the learning and makes your fluency doubly impressive. Your ability to communicate in English is spectacular

I have read some of your personal blog already and I found it quite interesting. I am sort of a blog fanatic. I truly enjoy finding good blogs and following someone else's story of their lives. Your other blog is quite good as well. You are a good writer and I would be honored to read your book when it's done, someday. However, I do not read or speak Arabic, so I am hoping you are going to write it in English too.

And you must be a classic beauty-- as that is what is always said of Nefertiti! How neat!

Oh and I will be reading your other blog too if you decide to go back and update that.


Apotamkin said...

thank u Jan! glad u have checked it out as well! I'm writing my story in English!inspired by my story,biblical prophecy (I'm Muslim we believe in all testaments)and meyer's flowing style! BTW u r the 1st 2 know this so u c u r special 2 me :)
I'm ok! a cross between Ashely Judd & Scarlet Johanson lol!I wish:)
English was a daily 50 mins class but when I chose English literature for my major at the university i had to study all subjects in English still make the stupidest littlest mistakes :)

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