Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breaking Dawn Manips!

Digging for fan made manips is a tough job but it's really fulfilling when I end up finding cool ones!

I found this awesome Bella and Nessy manip and colored the original mono..

The maker of this Edward and Bella manip did an amazing editing with the colors and resolution, it deserved only a frame..

This one needed some colors and had to crop a hand that couldn't belong to Bella :)

As for this one it is just, Perfect! to copy Edward waiting for Bella down the stairs when..oh you all know what I'm talking about..

and this one of Rob and Kristen can be squeezed in for no reason other than being gorgeous!

I googled these! and here are the sources, twilight fan artists are the best!


jaygeeem said...

I think they are gorgeous and FUN.

That one second from the top which had a hand that needed to be cropped-- smoldering!!

Apotamkin said...

lol! i m so blown away by the idea of making such creations i'm determined to learn photoshop i know it will take me some time but it has become an objective thanx to Robsten!

jaygeeem said...

Well, I can't wait then for you to get photoshop down. You will be making us some awesome stuff to look at here, Apotamkin.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! fansite has the coolest photos and videos. Wedding photo is a amazing. BTW....where did you find the midnight sun video with Edward attacking Bella in their biology class?

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