Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rob and Apple Devices Monologue!

"Finally! a long day of shooting is over!"

"I think I should tell Kristen, we are seeing Bobby again tonight!"

"Now, the question is to text Kristen via my iPad or my iPhone, I'm completely confused..!"

"Da! my new iPad! such a long day! and the bow tie! it's completely ridiculous!"

" all is done... it's time for my iPod, Yeh!"

Hope you have enjoyed my Rob and apple devices inner monologue, Apotamkin has gone a little crazy, didn't it?

Well, here is some serious piece of info I've never posted before:

Rob is shooting Water for Elephants in LA
The movie is based on best-selling novel by Sara Gruen
Rob plays the lead role of Jacob Jankowsk, who drops out of college to run away with the circus.
The movie is directed by Francis Lawrence
(info source)


jaygeeem said...

LOL- and cute, Apotamkin!

Apotamkin said...

used to be better at those! glad it made u lol!

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