Saturday, July 17, 2010

Full Q and A on Jimmy Kimmel Live

...and the full Q&A! enjoy amigos!


jaygeeem said...

I hate to be critical of the fans-- but really that question to Taylor: are your abs for real or are they spray-painted on? Come on--that is embarrassing-- has she been under a rock for a year or so? Or where has she been? LOL.

I guess she mustn't have wished to make much of an impression.


Apotamkin said...

she wanted him to take his shirt off I guess:) but Jimmy's reply was sarcastic enough :)

jaygeeem said...

It just kills me to watch some of these fans and their antics. They are over-the-top in love with these guys, but when given an opportunity to interact with them in person, they make such fools of themselves. If they pay attention at all, Taylor has said publicly a few times that he is insulted when the fans ask him to howl and he is tired of all the attention to his tight abs.

I know it is just youthful immaturity, but it is painful and embarrassing to watch them. When I was that age, I was self-conscious enough to be aware of erring on the side of keeping my mouth shut rather than opening it and saying something that would be embarrassing. LOL.

Jimmy Kimmel pretty much smacked some of that dumb behavior and just made a joke of it, thankfully. It was a good show to say the least-- however, I could've done without all the stupid questions from the fans and spent more time talking to the actors.


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