Monday, July 5, 2010

GMTV Interview with Rob!

The Brits interview their pride and joy The Great Rpattz :) well! there are two things I have learned from this: first, Rob enjoyed filming Twilight the most! and stalkers might actually get their way with him lol!


jaygeeem said...

He is getting so good at the interviews. No hesitations-- great answers-- and he appears so very relaxed.

I bet he re-thinks his opinion on giving in to stalkers-- as this almost gives the stalkers permission to continue. And there are going to be many more of them--he will be stepping up his body guards!! LOL.

Although-- maybe since I have learned such good obsessiveness qualities-- I could roll it over into personal stalking-- a graduation of sorts-- from blog-stalking to RPattz stalking. LOL.

Umm don't know about that. Too much of an invasion of personal privacy. I am not in favor of doing that to anyone.


Apotamkin said...

lol! that would be an upgrade i will join you Jan! but i think i am stalking them but without invading their privacy i hate it when they chase them around they always look sad and hurt don't they?
Like today for instance all blogs are posting their pap pix coming out of Bradly's concert! I hate that!

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