Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rob Scrapblog!

I made this scrapblog of Rob at photobucket to kill the twilight drought that seems to hit the Eclipse viewing week!
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jaygeeem said...

Very nice, Apotamkin!

Woobie and I were hating on Rob's mustard shirt for those other pics. However, with your touch and eye for color-- I actually like it now. The background colors really make the shirt pop in a positive eye-appealing way.

Of course, with Rob in it? What can go wrong? LOL


jaygeeem said...

Hey Woobie-- hope all is well with your mom's visit. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that your mom doesn't speak English and your kids don't speak German. You should seriously consider teaching your little ones German since that is your native language and you could easily give them the basics (if you haven't started already, that is).

I really admire you and Lamia/Apotamkin since you are both so fluent in English and it isn't your native language.

BTW-- Woobie-- what do you think of Rob's mustard shirt now? I really am liking on it. LOL.


Apotamkin said...

I completely believe people should be multi-lingual while they can specially kids my son speaks Arabic & English fluently studied french but didn't hook on it this year he chose spanish and I think he likes it better I hope. unlike the common perception of not introducing many languages to kids to avoid confusion, they do really have way of using words as synonyms and find ttheir way through. so give it a go:) we miss u by the way:)
I like those new pix of the yellow shirt now that we got used to it a little, glad u like the yellow Rob scrapblog:)

jaygeeem said...

So liking the Rob pics. I guess when you get to see MORE of him-- he could be wearing a paper sack and still looking good!!



jaygeeem said...

You are absolutely right about teaching kids languages-- it's very good for them and it doesn't confuse them. Now the adults? Yes, they are confused and the confusion excuse is for the benefit of the adults-- definitely not the kids. LOL


woobie_71 said...

Gosh I miss you guys! I haven't had time at all to stop by. We are about to leave for Tennessee with mom tomorrow morning. We had not much luck with moms visit so far. When I was taking her downtown Orlando we were rearended. My husband got hurt alot, and my pretty minivan is alot more mini now. It will be fixed but the whole thing crossed out a lot of plans. There is a bunch of waiting and extra erands now, and our time together with mom is already so limited. Then my daughter got sick and we are stuck again. It's like a huge cloud is hanging above...

The mustard shirt is ok with the black pants, but I like all others better still. Just not much into yellow. The scrapbook is sweet, very creative.
I know I should have taught my kids german but I had to learn english fast when I got to the states, I didn't speak it yet. And there was never anyone around to speak german with. I have no german speaking friends or family over here and it's really not that easy to just chatter on in german when nobody will understand or let alone answer. Trust me the guilty concience is swallowing me whole sometimes. I just don't know how to get it done all by myself. My hubby doesn't speak it either. I feel bad about it enough. Won't be able to be here in a few days again. But I shall see you when we get back to Florida
Go watch Eclipse for me too, I knew I wouldn't get to it while mom is here. Sure hope its still in the theaters after...

jaygeeem said...

OH Woobie!! That's really terrible about your accident. I hope you husband is feeling better. And that your daughter is getting well.

And don't feel guilty about not teaching German to your kids. You can always do that and obviously other things have had rightful priority. I hope the rest of your visit is uneventful and you get to do some fun things with your mom. Tell your mom she has to learn English before your next visit-- just so she can converse with her grandkids. (Just kidding) Learning another language is a job in itself-- it is worthwhile but for many people it isn't always so practical.

My suggestion was just a thought and I never intended for you to feel guilty about that. Just enjoy the rest of your mom's visit-- and you all stay out of trouble-- no more accidents, your kids do not have permission to get any more sicknessness, do you hear me? LOL.

We will be anxious to hear all about the visit when you get back from Tennessee.


Apotamkin said...

oh Woobie! I'm so sorry things got so bad for you! hope you and your family enjoy the rest of your mum's vactation and carry on with your plans, Gosh! I wish I could help! miss u and awaiting your return to Apotamkin content and when all is well, take good care sweetie..

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