Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Still of Kristen from The Cake Eaters!

Lovely new still of little long-haired Kstew from The Cake Eaters:) wouldn't it be lovely if Bella grows her hair that long in Breaking Dawn? I vote for that!



jaygeeem said...

She looks so young there--

I am really interested in how they are going to do her hair in BD as the filming starts in October or November and hair only grows on the average of one-fourth of an inch per month which will gives her another inch and one-half maximum growth before shooting begins. If her hair is hitting shoulder length at that time, she will be lucky. So I just wonder how they are going to do that. I am guessing hair extensions which if done correctly and the actual hair length is long enough (which it should be) will look much much better than the wig.

This movie was good, but her character was a very sympathetic one. Kristen did a really good job in this film.

Apotamkin said...

I haven't scene it but I know she is crippled in the film and I really love her devotion for acting and role choices sweet kstew :)

jaygeeem said...

I happened upon it by accident. I was flipping through my premium channels and managed to catch it from the beginning. I also saw parts of it from time to time as I was flipping through channels another time. Her character is absolutely precious. She is disabled and obviously so (a palsy like disability)-- but is at that age where she first becomes smitten with a young man. The young man has got problems-- not a happy home life.

It is her coming of age story-- it is sweet and a bit sad. Kristen plays this little gal to perfection, and I have always had a soft spot for the disabled innocents who only want to live normally in a world that sees them as abnormal. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about these poor innocent souls just trying to live. It was that kind of story-- about an innocent struggling to be normal and have experiences like her peers in an unforgiving world.

This movie was a brilliant little gem that wasn't necessarily a happily ever after, but it just hit a nerve and it just seemed to hit on a slice of real life-- things aren't perfect and we don't all end up riding off happily into the sunset. Kristin did a marvelous job of acting in this film-- a really great job-- she plays this character perfectly-- spot on. If you ever get a chance to see it-- do so-- it's worth it.

Apotamkin said...

I would really love to see it now that you hav detailed the lovely theme. I love kristen more for the reasons behind the choices she makes when choosing characters to play.n she's truly different from others of her kind too:)

jaygeeem said...

Kristen is a very gifted little actor and sometimes I think she is not given the credit she deserves. This film alone is a masterpiece almost entirely due to the way she so effectively characterizes her role.

It is a serious movie about people with some serious problems, but it was something that drew me in from the very beginning and kept me there until the very end. There are very few films for which that holds true in my experience.

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