Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review of Unscripted Interviews with the Twilight Cast

A review of the best of "Unscripted" twilight interviews is out! still I remember that the funniest moments would have their total effect if viewed in context:D

Lets say it is a great excuse to post these again, the good old days, sigh! and why don't we have one for Eclipse!!


jaygeeem said...

I just love coming here and finding these treasures. I don't know where you manage to find such cool things for us to watch-- but these really are cool. I have never seen them before and it is too bad they don't have one of these for Eclipse, I so agree with you on that.

Just so you know-- I really appreciate the effort you put forth here on "the cold one" -- these unscripted videos are just rockin"

Apotamkin said...

oh thank u thank u Jan! I have seen them since they were out u know my addiction goes back to the time when only Robsessed and Robsten lovers stood alone lol!I'm glad they came as a surprise for u these days are so draughty .. your support keeps me going sweetie:)

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