Monday, July 19, 2010

Rob Tells "New" Mag: "Kristen is a Wonderful Girl"

One of Rob's greatest interviews to New Magazine UK. Rob talks about Kristen being wonderful ( we know she is adorable!) and quiting smoking (Apotamkin is so excited about that!) , how he spends his time (same here Rob!), his previous romances and a lot more. for bigger scans read the interview here
via twifans


Apotamkin said...

my dearest Jan hope u r doing well u could probably be busy on the weekend and apotamkin can't help getting over anxcious cause ur missed.
I kept my self busy watching Rob's How to be, and wandering about at the mall. I wish I could find the time to write to u a proper mail but I'm very much like Bella the sufferer on the inside type if that's what she says:) no feature! on the other hand I have a strong urge to share part of my novel with you but still embarassed though who knows may be! just wanted to say u r missed and a shout out for woobie too miss u gals:)

jaygeeem said...

Well, thanks Apotamkin! I come to the blog a couple of times a day to make comments on the new items and to comment on the comments. Things seemed to be a bit quiet this weekend. I figured you were staying busy off the blog.

I am glad you are keeping yourself occupied, and don't be sorry about keeping things to yourself. It is good you have your blog to busy yourself with on some of your down time. Keeping busy doing things you like will always help the time go by more efficiently.

I miss Woobie too. Last I heard she and her family along with her mom were heading to Tennessee-- where they have some property they are fixing up-- and I assume they were going to show her mother. I would hope that Woobie comes back to keep us company once her mother goes back to Germany.

Is your family back from Egypt yet? How long do/did they get to stay on their vacation anyway? And poor Apotamkin-- has to work while they get to play. That just doesn't seem fair.

jaygeeem said...

Oh and when you are ready with your novel-- you can send to me - I would love to read and it certainly is nothing you have to be shy about.


jaygeeem said...

The article-- I wasn't expecting your comment so I went on about that and forgot to comment on the UK magazine interview with Rob. He is still being quite vague about Kristen. Of course she is a wonderful girl-- he's a sly fox-- and is not letting out any information. We are still left to our speculations-- good for him.

It does sound as it he is working hard enough now that he simply doesn't have the energy to do much other than the work.

Well, if he quits smoking, will Kristen quit as well? You are always posting the great stuff here. Always something I haven't seen before.


Apotamkin said...

I'm so glad you are back Jan!I'm staying on my own till the end of the month and my son will stay till early September as his school starts on the 5th we have Eid vacation on the 9th till the 13th and i was hoping I could have a break somewhere by then. so Apotamkin is alone for 10 more days!

jaygeeem said...

Well, it just doesn't seem right that you have to be on your own for so long. Hopefully next year, you will get some decent vacation time so you can spend more time with your family too.

Apotamkin said...

I hope so sweetie :) are u going to be able to take ur break with no back up? hope u can too.

I'm glad you like my humble posts I wish something interesting pops up these days, I want to c eclipse soon my attempts for a twilight night failed people at the office are quiet synical about it and i think i ll go ahead and do it alone watch the DVDs and head to the cinema and write that review it is almost 3 weeks people must have seen it all over the world i won't be spoiling it i hope!

jaygeeem said...

I have a back-up-- the lady that only comes in once a week is helping me out-- yay!! It will be nice to have a few days to myself.

Those people at work don't know what they are missing-- so just keep it all for yourself, Apotamkin!!

No way will you ever spoil a review. I am awaiting your words.

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