Friday, July 23, 2010

Great fan Made Robsten Manip!

I visited Mayhemonte's manip den and found this awesome antique manip of Robsten! I love the idea of Robsten being as old as time, lovely!

...and here is my tribute of Mayhemonte's art work!can't help it:)


Apotamkin said...

for Jan,

"I often traced my wounds, there were stitches across and below; a fading luminous line, a faint thin bulge marking the place of my lost chalice. My scars were barely visible now but they were engraved deeply into my soul, at the limited space that was filled with my being. It marked me, defining and identifying a body to be recognized by those who read and knew the signs.
The knights of the Temples roamed the earths in search of the lost chalice or the Holy Grail, misguided and oblivious to meaning of the clue that was left to them. They knew they must find that precious object to find their peace but they couldn't realize the fact that it was a defining mark not a physical object. It was one of the remaining keys to finding me. The lost chalice is my lost womb.. The holy grail is my blessed chamber that bore my child but was savagely ravished and lost in child birth…

As long as the knowledge people seized to comprehend the ulterior meanings of the clues left to them by their seer ancestors, they failed in their quests and chased ghosts. The revelations, the uncovering of hidden truths was denied to the misguided who were blinded from grasping the layers of meaning to the simple words chalice and grail.

My attributes were prophesied but as they traveled in times, centuries and decades, their meanings were lost and twisted. Only frail links remained and found their static illusive meanings for times and times again taking the lost by the hand."

this is my favorite section of 14 chapters i have written i thought u might like it:) can u see the Dan Brown and Stephenie Meyer influence?

jaygeeem said...

It is like wonderful poetry-- very beautiful. Very, very beautiful.

Thank you-- Lamia/Apotamkin. What a wonderful gift to stumble across today! I am going to copy and paste it into a file where I can read it again and interpret it for myself. Thank you again for sharing this with me.

I haven't had time to view all the videos and I am getting ready to go to see Eclipse and will view the videos later after I return home. I will also give you my first reaction to finally seeing the film. I am actually giddy.

jaygeeem said...

This picture is so cool. It is truly a very good depiction of Bella and Edward as they would appear in Edward's human lifetime. Amazing.

jaygeeem said...

I saw Eclipse and I practically OWNED the theater. There were 8 other people in there besides me and my daughter and it was a quiet crowd. I actually got to watch the movie without any distracting noise as the people there were quiet.

I thought the film was very fast paced. I, of course, loved the music as I have been listening to all of it for a month now. I thought (as I predicted) that they were going to really play up the triangle. It was very clear in the book that Edward was the one-- Bella loved Jacob as a very close friend but never, ever more than Edward. I thought the movie Bella was a bit meaner to Edward than the book Bella. They really had to include a lot of material because the vast majority of the fans are uber familiar with the books and that is the greatest draw of viewers.

I really enjoyed the movie-- the vampires looked different than in the other films and I didn't notice any sparkling this time around because everything was moving so fast and I must've been looking at other details.

Well, I will be anxious to get this one on DVD-- that will be the next time I get to see this film again.

The Cullens definitely played a much larger part in this movie than the other two and I just love the Cullens. Really thought that Jasper looked and acted great in this film-- I love his hair.

Apotamkin-- review away-- I will be able to weigh in now.


Apotamkin said...

Oh finally Jan you got to see it! I hope you loved it:) or does twilight still has the top spot for u like me? jacob is promoted at the expense of edward I agree and Bella was agressive and those were like definitely departing from the book.

I am so happy you liked my writing and hope it will keep u busy trying to find meaning in them. I'm terribly slow i write 2 pages like every month but it is meant to cover actuall events so i'm hoping i would stretch it to a novella , like bree banner lol! sweet dreams!

I should use the day for reviewing the film it's the weekend I usually wake up late and i have some cleaning to do and blog updates and will find the time for it today that's for sure:)

jaygeeem said...

Yes, I loved it! I think it is my favorite simply because Eclipse was my favorite of the books. Although, I love them all so far.

Now I really am anxious to see BD because that is all Bella and Edward and their story together. It just is hard to see something you love as a book as a movie as it is always going to be missing something. About the only way one can really see it all is when they do a mini-series and show it on television. Even then, usually the writers will take the story and only use elements from it-- it will still manage to be very different from the written story. I simply love these characters and am really grateful that they have stuck as close to the stories as possible. Twilight was very off the mark as far as sticking closely to the book, but it still captured the essence of the love story and gave us the flesh and blood actors for the story characters which were and still spot-on.

It is good that Summit realizes how important it is to the fans of these movies (and it is the fans afterall who have made these movies such blockbusters) stick as close as absolutely possible to the story lines.

I am going only from my first impression now, but the only criticism I have is that they messed with the Bella/Jake story line. Even though it stayed true to Bella/Edward-- the idea that Bella was wavering at all between the two of them-- just did not occur in the written version of Eclipse.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful depiction.....just how I envision in the book.

jaygeeem said...

Hi Anonymous--

Apotamkin always finds the best for us!! Nice to see another Apotamkin fan!!

Anonymous said...

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