Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome to The Rileys Trailer!

Welcome to the Rileys official trailer is out, it looks good and Kristen seems to have yanked another successful screen role, can't wait to see it..


jaygeeem said...

This does look like a good movie. It is one of those so-called "Indie" movies that Kristen likes to do. I would like to see that sometime too. James Farantino the gentleman in the film made it big on "The Sopranos" which was an HBO series here in the states. It was pretty rough and raw but it was a great series. It will be nice seeing him playing a character much different than his role as mob boss, Tony Soprano.

Apotamkin said...

I think it will be a great film. I don't think I will like seeing Kristen poll dancing or strip, I hope if she has done so it is not explicit.I have never watched the Sopranos but it was big here too.
BTW the 2nd viewing of eclipse was way better. I think my review will be so biased:)

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