Saturday, July 10, 2010

Extreme Close up. Robert Pattinson!

a full review of Robert Pattinson's career and rise to stardom, enjoy!

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jaygeeem said...

Love it! He IS really humble-- I believe it. He's not yet full of himself regardless of what some of those commentators might hint at. The comment that I loved was when he said it wasn't really him it was just the popularity of the books that was at the core of his fame-- NOT- Rob! The fans love the books, sure-- but it is not always possible to translate the character from the book to the screen. Rob has done that. He is also working hard at doing other things besides Edward and is doing some very different films.

I liked the comparison between Rob and Johnny Depp-- oh I have loved JD for years now-- they are truly "reluctant movie stars." I think both appreciate their fame to a great extent but respect that it can be fleeting. They also crave their privacy and measure what they give out to the press in their interviews.

Both strive for and do achieve that delicate balance. I am absolutely in awe of Rob's ability (and Kristen's) to keep the mystery alive as to the substance of their relationship to one another.

This is proof to me that Rob is indeed a humble person and is not letting the superstar status go to his head.

Fun videos!


Apotamkin said...

Rob is just the perfect head I have seen in ages inside out God bless him! I just hope he uses his gifts to help people be better humans like his role in twilight though i know he and kristen hate the idea of being idols and the responsibility it intakes. I just hope they both don't deviate and stay focused on positive messages..

jaygeeem said...

Well, I hope so too.

I think they both seem to keep it positive as much as possible. The few times there are negatives, it seems it is the press invading their privacy or blowing something way out of proportion just to sell their stuff.

It would be super difficult to live a perfect life when your life is lived inside a fishbowl visible to the whole world. That would be sort of a bummer-- no room for mistakes at all which is rather unrealistic.


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