Friday, July 23, 2010

Kristen Stewart at Eclipse Press Conference in Berlin

I'm digging in some recent past and to my surprise there is a lot of good quality interviews and Eclipse conferences with Kristen Stewart finally available in HQ! Here is another from Berlin! (one for u Woobie:) The amount of loudness those kids have to endure will wreck any nerve system and I love them a lot more for that:)


jaygeeem said...

Oh such craziness they have to endure before the photographers. All the shouts to turn left and right and move down so they all get shots from the closest angle possible. That looks like no fun, whatsoever-- that is categorized as WORK-- hard work.

Just had to quickly comment on that top video-- such craziness, indeed!!

Apotamkin said...

I think kristen was more put together as a child actress. I think her nerve system has definitely been inluenced by these unbarable shouts over and over and the poor thing can't complain about it. she should put ear plugs or noise reduction pads it could cause a damage i couldnt stand the shouts for more than half a minute seriously!

jaygeeem said...

Kristen never had the superstar status as a child actor as she has now. In fact, I remember seeing her as a very young girl in a film where she plays the daughter to Jody Foster. She never really had to be continually in the limelight.

With Twilight, all of a sudden as a young adult on the cusp of adulthood, she becomes bigger than life-- over night. You can tell that Kristen is a very self-conscious shy person and it has been a huge adjustment for her because she has no choice-- she's a superstar and everyone all of a sudden wants a piece of her. She hasn't had enough time to even begin to wrap her head around it. It has got to be very difficult because she is in great demand and she's forced to go with it-- it is part of the job. For such a shy person, the adjustment is going to be very difficult.

She IS getting much better but it is still painfully obvious that it really isn't her comfort zone to be out in front of the cameras interviewing and posing before crowds.

Her professional shots are much different because there she can relax and be herself-- they take as many shots as they need until they get the ones they want. That atmosphere is the polar opposite of sitting on a hotseat with a microphone and live cameras stuck in your face.

I am sure that she puts on her smile and goes to her happy place for the vast majority of time when she is doing these crazy interviews. She really is a professional and is getting better and better at it. You can tell, though, that she's not entirely comfortable with the process yet.

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