Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Old Breaking Dawn Interview with Stephenie Meyer

I dug this old interview with Stephenie Meyer on the release of breaking dawn. She says BD is influenced by Shakespeare's Mid Summer Night's Dream and another mystery novel she can't talk about!!!

I believe the second one isn't a novel, it's chapter 12 in the book of Revelation: The story of the "woman clothed with the sun" because she suffers at birth and challenges the devil (just like Bella does and confronts Aro), another clue is the French version of breaking dawn it is called Révélation in a clear reference to Meyer's inspiration.

Why wouldn't Meyer talk about it, is that it is a secret to be revealed at the time of the apocalypse:) and she can't be responsible for an interpretation of a biblical futuristic prophecy.

As for how I claim to know that: I have an MA in American Literature and personal interests in the Apocalyptic genre!

This is Apotamkin's theory should you wish to quote that's how you should refer to it:)


woobie said...

Good job Sherlock, lol. Another mystery revealed. I don't know about the Revelation, but I'm sure you're right. Whatever the book was based on, it works for me.

Apotamkin said...

;) thanx woobie missed u where have u been!

jaygeeem said...

Interesting theory, Apotamkin. I just wonder why IF the other "novel" as she called it was a book from the bible and not a novel-- why does she refer to it as a novel? All the other books were based on very old classic novels-- perhaps she is thinking of something more contemporary and therefore doesn't want to get into any copyright issues with an author who is still alive. Just a thought.

But as ever, you are the expert when it comes to these things as you do have an extraordinary grasp on American literature. So your theory is a very good one!

Apotamkin said...

believe me Jan if a contemporary person thinks Meyer got the faintest idea from their " novel" she will be in court yesterday for a HUGE compensation. there is nothing about the saga that is not original except some little motifs from the classics she mentions. the naming of the books is also very apocalyptic the use of lion and lamb imagery, it is obvious if you know where are the ideas coming from. she rights from a mormon's perspective no matter how low this is kept and it is so greatly done that it rings bells in my culture too and that's why I think it has that universal appeal:) any ways I could be thinking radio active spiders and cryptonite lols!

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