Saturday, July 17, 2010

Full "Total Eclipse of the Heart" from Jimmy Kimmel Live!

I have been digging around for something old or new that is worth posting because it seems a wave of Twilight drought is ahead :) Hope you enjoy my findings as much as I did! Here is the complete "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


jaygeeem said...

Fun to see this again!

The Twilight drought-- oh dear-- it will be a tough thing to go through, I'm afraid.

Apotamkin said...

I don't remember posting the full thing or did I? yesterday I went to view Inception so I was glad to find my way back home! my brain is a big mess now lol!I don't generally put posts about x y z just R & K and there's nothing out there, I hate those days!
How is life at your end Jan? I hope Woobie is doing fine? I wonder if all is better after the accident?
It's a long day today! I don't know if I should go out or just chill-ax ;)

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